Happiest birthday, Pat.

Wednesday March 13, 2019

Happiest birthday, Pat.

Exactly one week after celebrating Haley’s first birthday, I get to celebrate Pat’s 31st. Something about my favorite ladies having back-to-back birthdays makes me smile :)

There aren’t many people who’ve spent a lifetime side-by-side, whose journeys are as intricately interwoven as ours. Almost thirty years after our sisterhood began, here we are: living, working, and raising our girls, still side-by-side. The joys of running this business, of navigating womanhood and marriage and motherhood are only amplified by the blessing of doing them together. I’m so grateful that this is our story.  

You bring such passion to all that you do, from the big things like casting vision for the business and being an intentional mama to Charlie girl, to the small moments like taking monstrous bites out of your favorite foods, carefully tending to your vegetable garden (#mastergardener), learning chords on your new guitar  - your love of life is truly contagious.

Some of my other favorite things about you that I glean from daily: you’ll give a truly thoughtful answer to any question your asked, no matter how small
(i.e. Which one’s your favorite sticker, mama?); you’re not afraid to make big moves (i.e. leaving law school and starting a company, lol!); you’re always generous, especially with your time (i.e. going to your once-a-week yoga 20 minutes late because you were determined to put Haley to bed so I could have a break); you unapologetically invest in things that make life beautiful (i.e. soft sheets and good quality treats); and your low tolerance for disingenuity (i.e. calling me out when my actions are inconsistent with my claims). Could go on and on, but I’ll stop here for brevity’s sake. I’m your biggest fan :)

I know that no matter what this year holds, you’ll see it as an amazing one because in your world, the glass is not only half full - it’s a gorgeous one-of-a-kind ceramic mug running over with the most delicious whole-milk lavender latte. Naturally. So thankful to call you my BFF.


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