In the spirit of function and design with a lot of heart, we create stationery and supplies for the modern woman. Each piece is made for those of us who believe that the practical should be beautiful, art is vital, and taking the time to write for yourself or to another is sacred. As a women-run company, we believe in creating a culture where our people can thrive both at work and at home, valuing our relationships above the work itself and weaving rest into our calendars. Above all, we stand by our commitment to doing things with light, love, and integrity, from our daily interactions to the quality of every product we send out our doors - the details don't escape us. 

Patricia Shen launched Our Heiday's first collection in June 2014 after leaving two years of law school behind. With no formal art training and desperation for a creative release, she pursued her love for design organically, picking up a paintbrush for the first time in ten years. As the brand rapidly grew, her sister Donna came on board a year later and the two now run the company as business partners, remaining first and foremost best friends and co-life journeyers. The company has since expanded to an amazing team based in Los Angeles, CA. 

Our Heiday (a play on "heyday") is named after Patricia and Donna's mom and their four aunts whose Korean names all begin with "Hei." Together, they've exemplified how love gives, conviction sustains, and creativity is a requisite to living.

Image by our friend and photographer, Lily Glass.