We believe in creating beautiful, practical, and giftable goods to cultivate connection. Our offerings are driven by a desire to help our customers connect with those around them - gifting well as a way of loving well. Moments are meant to be celebrated and we delight in making them matter.

Pat Shen launched Our Heiday's first collection in June 2014 after leaving two years of law school behind. With no formal art training and desperation for a creative release, she pursued her love for art organically, picking up a paintbrush for the first time in ten years. The brand quickly grew, stocking small shops throughout the country and internationally, alongside larger retailers such as Anthropologie and Paper Source. In 2022, Heiday launched its first brick and mortar, Sidebloom, and continues to operate with a small team in the north Glendale area of Los Angeles.

Heiday (a play on "heyday") is named after Pat and their four aunts whose Korean names all begin with "Hei." Together, they've exemplified how love gives, conviction sustains, and creativity is a requisite to living.

Image by our friend and photographer, Lily Glass.