Girls Plan Our Power

The Beat

It’s such a special thing to be a small team of young women in a creative industry; there’s a kind of camaraderie and friendship that flows when women come together and we’re proud + thankful to be in this together. We’ve been committed to the mantra that girls can since our start, so we’re especially excited to partner with Step Up this holiday season for our get-one-gift-one campaign: Girls Plan Our Power. Step Up is an incredible organization that focuses on the personal, professional and educational empowerment of young women in under-resourced communities in Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas and New York.

From October 10th through November 30th, for every weekly magnetic agenda purchased, we’re gifting one to the girls of Step Up’s Los Angeles chapter. We believe that consistent planning is key to long-term success and we genuinely hope that these agendas will contribute to these girls’ future success in some small way! We’re so excited to partner with an organization that is doing such tangible and inspiring work in girls’ lives throughout these cities.

We developed and launched these agendas in the pursuit of a practical, functional organizational tool that was also beautiful enough to put in our homes and workspaces. These 12 x 17” flexible, fully magnetic agendas are perfect for the kitchen or office - designed for organizing life beautifully.

We hope you’ll join us this season as we come alongside Step Up in empowering college-bound, career-driven young women realize their potential and become future girl bosses themselves. #girlsplanourpower. 

We love being on this journey with all of you and are so thankful for your support always! 

All photos by our lovely friend and photographer Lily Glass.

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Be Back in a Few!

Real Talk

Hi, friends!

We’ve been quiet on the blog front for the past month because it’s just been one of those seasons, the kind where there is no such thing as downtime or mid-afternoon lulls...

because we’re in the thick of the post-NSS rush,

because our Creative Director just had a baby (!!),

because we’re doing some major restructuring internally, and

because our NY gal is still doing that bi-coastal dance until she’s back for good.
You know, life things.
And so many good things, but our plate is looking a little too full. Sometimes you just gotta pack away that extra brownie for tomorrow and say no to the handful of chips to make room for the main course, which is what we’re trying do: focus on creating beautiful, quality products.
We love our blog and the space it gives us to share our ongoings and inspiration, but we’re going to put it on a short, temporary hiatus until we can give it the attention it's due. Seasons like this press us to prioritize because there are only so many hours in a day and we’re big believers in the sacredness of rest. Like so many working women, we’re trying to strike that elusive work-life balance and finding it’s far more of an imperfect lifelong juggle. The happy place between the two is often a matter of perspective more than it is any sort of true equilibrium and that’s okay because what a gift it is to work at all.
We’re giving Patricia some time to settle into her new mama rhythm with her hubby and baby Charlotte Everly, letting the dust settle a bit from the show and its aftermath, taking care of our employees as best as we can, working hard to make sure all of our customers + shops are happy, and trying to enjoy this exciting ride. If you’ve been following along with us here, thank you so, so much - we’ll be back in a jiffy!
We're so grateful for all your support of Our Heiday thus far. No sweet comment on Instagram or kind, just-because email goes unnoticed and we’re so very appreciative of it all, always. We may be a little quiet on the blog, but you can be sure we’re still scheming and dreaming for what’s ahead and from where we stand, it’s looking lovely :)

See you so soon!

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Happiest Friday from New York, friends! We're on Day 2 of set up and can't wait to see how the rest of the booth with unfold. Walls are up, floors and down, lights are secure, and products are getting ready to take their places. Follow along with us on Instagram for lots of photos from the show; we have so many fun things to share with you all! We'll be sure to post pictures on the blog soon as well.

It's back to setting up for us! If you'll be at the show this year, we'd love for you to stop by - we're in booth 1664 :)

PS. All of our new products will go live on the shop this Sunday morning, so stop by and take a peek. We promise you'll love!

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When Things Fall Into Place (Pt. 2)

Real Talk

Hi, all :) Donna here again continuing on our
previous post about all the things that have fallen into place for us, even (maybe especially) as so many things have strayed from the original plan. I shared a bit about some of the larger pieces that have laid the foundation of Our Heiday, like how Pat’s background in law school equipped her to launch this company and how my time in New York happened to coincide with our NSS debut, but today I’m chatting about the smaller details - all the particulars that have somehow worked themselves out in the midst of this crazy season.

This “crazy season” started last October when Pat and Clarence found out they were semi-unexpectedly pregnant with their first baby (!). Pat FaceTimed me with the news and after about 100 happy gasps and “OH MY GOSH”s, I did a quick countdown from nine months and realized that this tiny person was due just weeks post NSS. Pat had already done the calculations prior to our chat and let me know with a little laugh that I’d just have to run the show. It’ll be great, she said.
Wait, what?
We had only pulled this thing off once before, mind you, and I wasn’t even officially part of the team then! But after the initial shock wore off, it felt a little bit like being asked to hop on stage to perform a number and realizing somehow I already knew all the choreography and lyrics. I worked the show last year simply because I wanted to support Pat and happened to be living in New York, but I had actually been (unknowingly) absorbing all the ins and outs of NSS in preparation for heading our booth the following year. Funny how things work out that way, isn’t it?
To make matters just a little more complicated, Pat developed an extremely rare blood condition in her third trimester of pregnancy, which has necessitated two to three hospital visits per week for the past few months. Thankfully, Clarence’s job has allowed him to work from home so that he can take her to every single appointment - we know it’s a luxury that has been provided for this very season.

On top of the blood condition, Pat’s doctors put her on extended rest for an unrelated reason, meaning that Pat couldn’t be in the studio during the thick of NSS preparation. But things continue to be more than fine: she and Clarence have set up a workspace for her at home and we have an incredible team who does an amazing job at holding down the fort. And I’m here in New York (hi!), able to make arrangements and take care of errands for the show right on location :)
And a final little cherry on top! We’ve recruited my husband to be part of our set-up crew, a position he’s familiar with since he was on site with us last year. We had anticipated we’d set up the booth Friday evening and Saturday with our gal, Amber, to be ready for Sunday morning, but miraculously, he was given Thursday and Friday off from the hospital (he’s in his clinical year of PA school). I mean, do coincidences like this just happen? We’re certain that they don’t, that every detail has been accounted for and we have so much peace in knowing that we’re taken care of.  

Knowing that all things, big and small, have fallen into place for us in ways that we could have never orchestrated quells all of our anxieties about the show and even the future of our business. We trust that we are in Good Hands, unfailing and unchanging. With that said, we hope to see many of you at NSS next week! We'll be in Booth 1664 :) Follow along with us on Instagram for some behind-the-scenes action!

Photos by Lily Glass
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When Things Fall Into Place (Pt. 1)

Real Talk

Hi, all! Donna here :) In the midst of this crazy pre-NSS season, we can’t help but reflect on how we got here - all the million tiny pieces that had to fall into place for us to exhibit at the National Stationery Show for the second year in a row. At a quick glance, this event might not seem particularly striking at all. Thousands of companies return to tradeshows year after year in this industry; it’s the natural progression of a growing business and we totally get that. But our story has been sprinkled with so many detours and unlikely blessings that we thought we’d share this morning!

When Pat started law school in 2010, she had no idea that she’d make a decisive exit two years later and never look back. She created a thorough PowerPoint presentation of her short-term business plan to reassure our dad (the wonderful and extremely plan-oriented man that he is) that she had fully thought this through. Then, she packed her things, moved back home, and immediately got to work. We were all a little taken, but looking back, this boldness is so quintessentially Pat - always unapologetically sure of her convictions. Though Our Heiday took quite a different turn from the original PowerPoint business plan, the seed of creativity was planted and law school was a thing of the past.

Within a year, Our Heiday swiftly transformed into a wholesale business. Though she didn’t become an attorney, Pat did have two years of legal training under her belt to frame her understanding of starting a business. She had also met (and by that point, married) her husband at UCLA, who is somewhat a computer-genius-turned-lawyer, and Clarence naturally became her partner, consultant, and technology guru in those early months. Happenstance? We think not :)

Then, the plot thickens. I was newly married and had just moved to New York for my husband’s graduate program. As Pat prepared to debut her line at NSS last year, I offered to help her set up and run her booth - we’ve always been each other’s biggest supporters and I was (conveniently) living in New York, afterall. I was also going through a mental crisis about my career in teaching (Did I love it? Could I do it for the rest of my life? For another year, even?). I absolutely loved the creative buzz at NSS and within two days of working the show, I became a part-time employee of Our Heiday; within two months, a full-time member of the team; and within a year, Pat’s business partner. Whoa. The timing of how all of this unfolded gets us every time.

These are the broad strokes of how we got here. There are others, of course, like how we of grew up watching our mom (with our dad’s unrelenting support) start a handmade accessory business from the ground up and travel several times a year to exhibit at gift shows. The idea of starting a creative business and setting up shop at trade shows in Vegas, Atlanta, New York...this was simply part of our lives. We didn’t know it then, but watching our mom start a vibrant wholesale business has completely shaped our understanding of work and given us the wherewithal to make this a reality.

Then there are all the fine strokes, the tiny details that continue to work themselves out and fall into place no matter how many detours life throws at us. Part 2 of When Things Fall Into Place in our next post!  

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Fish Tacos, Wildfires, & Julia Brandão


Happy Friday, all! We hope you’ve had a fantastic week.

Currently: It’s officially the last Friday before our team reunites in NYC to set up for the National Stationery Show! Our first show was so special for so many reasons and we’re so excited to be back at Javtis to release all of our new products and see both new and familiar faces. Be sure to follow along with us on Instagram to see all the things we have up our sleeves!
This week, we’re…
  • Feasting on so many variations of red cabbage slaw and fish tacos, two things we have on rotation this spring because they make for such a fresh and satisfying meal. Fish tacos are so versatile and forgiving that they hardly require a recipe, but we appreciate that this simple one from Chowhound uses grilled fish and basic spices we can find in our pantries.
  • Reflecting on the wildfires in Canada and feeling so heartbroken over the devastation and turmoil these fires have caused. We’re sending prayers for the thousands that lost loved ones or homes or businesses, for the firefighters on the frontlines, for the city leaders and decision makers, and for the surrounding communities to have the strength to navigate this difficult time.

  • Inspired by the simplicity of Julia Brandão’s work, which has us thinking about the power of color interaction. We know firsthand the impact that the slightest shift in color can have and we appreciate the thought behind something that seems so effortless, even easy.

We hope your weekend is whatever you need it to be - rest, play, or a little bit of both.


all images via Julia Brandão

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Our Go-To Box Sets

The Beat

You know that go-to outfit you have, the one that kinda feels like a magic trick tucked in your bag pocket? The kind you can throw on any day of the week and feel great in? It's that perfect combination of pulled together and comfortable and somehow feels appropriate for every occasion. An outfit like that is golden for those running-late-no-coffee-bad-hair-day mornings because, hallelujah, it just works when nothing else does. 

That’s kind of how we feel about our Bouquet Series Assorted Box Sets - they’re perfect for just about any occasion and we find ourselves reaching for them year round for anything from birthday wishes to thank you notes or thinking-of-you sentiments. Tiny conveniences like these are so necessary because life is such a whirlwind, and we really believe easy should be beautiful, too.

Shop these for all those moments you'd love to send your faraway friends some just-because snail mail or need a bundle of thoughtful thank you cards for your party guests. 

And if you're loving these for your walls this spring, you're in luck because every design is also available as an individual art print. They're so, so lovely framed as part of those wall galleries. 

Bouquet Series Art Prints here | All box sets here 

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Celebrating New Mamas & Mamas-To-Be

The Beat

We’ve slowly began traversing the Territory of Babies and we kinda love it! It's one of the hallmarks of this decade of our lives: our social media feeds are sprinkled with pregnancy announcements and dinner dates with friends have moved up from their usual 7pm rezzies because oh, bedtime for the little munchkins, of course. This exposure to #momlife has got us feeling especially thankful for our own mamas this season, for how they welcomed this monumental shift in their lives twenty-something years ago and never looked back.

If you’re celebrating those beautiful new moms and mamas-to-be this Mother’s Day, shop our Mother’s Day and Baby Collections to send them thoughtful well-wishes, perhaps along with a box of diapers or a hot meal. We’re sure these ladies could use some extra hands in these first few weeks postpartum or during that final stretch of pregnancy. What better way to celebrate motherhood than supporting the new mamabirds around us? :)

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Frittata, Chipotle, & Cobalt Blue


Happiest Friday, everyone! If you’ve spent your week crossing off checklists and meeting deadlines, we’re right there with you.
Currently: In full-blown pre-production mode as we count down the weeks (3!) until NSS. We feel a little crazy between packaging orders, making (and then somehow promptly losing) to-do lists, and securing final details for the show, but we’re trying to take it all in stride. We’ve said this before, but between mailers and lighting and giveaways, preparing for NSS feels a little bit like planning a tiny wedding.
This week, we’re…
  • Feasting on frittatas like this shaved asparagus one from Smitten Kitchen. It’s the perfect combination of so many of our favorite things: seasonal vegetables, creamy cheese, and prosciutto. We love frittatas for springtime and eggs for easy weeknight meals, so this dish is a win-win all around.
  • Reflecting on Chipotle’s announcement to add chorizo to their menu and a loyalty program for their most supportive customers. We’ve been disappointed by the chain’s multiple E.Coli outbreaks over the past year, but we’re rooting for Chipotle’s comeback and hope these changes revitalize some business in the near future! You have to admit, there are few takeout meals as satisfying as a burrito bowl for under $10.

  • Inspired by Cobalt blue - don’t shy away from it! We’ve seen this one rise and fall on the trend map, but we’re insisting that it shouldn’t be that way. The bold and beautiful always have a place somewhere and we love the way these organic, yet structured patterns let the richness of the color come alive. Have you been following our “Got The Blues” board on Pinterest? We kind of love these hues that much.

We hope your weekend is filled with all the rest and quality time and that those to-do lists get tucked away until Monday :)

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Balancing Work + Motherhood

Real Talk

We’re just a few weeks away from NSS and we’re feeling all sorts of things. There’s the excitement and anticipation, of course, along with a whole heap of gratitude for the year of business we’ve had and the one to come. And as of last October when we found out that Patricia was pregnant, weaved into all the feelings has been a comical disbelief that her due date pretty much coincided with the show and that she wouldn’t physically be able to join us in New York this year.
Of all the surprises!

The unexpectedness of Pat’s pregnancy has actually been really wonderful for us both personally and professionally because it’s pressed us to grapple with the realities of juggling family and business.

  • To know that such is life and that even the biggest events rarely go accordingly to plan.

  • To invest and trust in a team that can do the job well because micromanaging is unsustainable and exhausting all around.

  • To prioritize family first no matter what. We’re all about the working mama, but no level of professional success is worth your child or spouse’s heartache.

  • To understand that work is an incredible blessing, but never the source of our identity. 

It's such a hard thing, this being a working mother, and sometimes we can't have our cake and eat it, too. We’re finding such freedom in learning to let go a little more each day and setting good patterns for the rest of our lives. We're thinking about all of you hardworking mamas in the world and honoring you this Mother's Day season!
Photos of Patricia by Lily Glass 
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