Happiest first birthday, sweet Haley.

Wednesday March 6, 2019

Happiest first birthday, sweet Haley.

Today you’re one, my sweet girl! I’ve sat here typing, deleting, and retyping for the last fifteen minutes because there are so many thoughts and emotions that bubble over when I reflect on everything this past year has been. One day, I’ll tell you all about my crash landing into motherhood - how I tumbled through beautiful, messy, redemptive riptide of coming wholly undone so our good Father could piece me back together. Today, we’ll simply celebrate the light that you are and the pure, unfettered joy you bring to us daily. Being your mama is my privilege and delight.

Over the past twelve months, I’ve loved watching the miracle of your evolution, from a tiny, helpless little peanut to the bright, adventurous, hilarious, and confident little lady you’re becoming. I pray that the glimpses of your nature we’ve gathered this year - the way you light up around people, that sweet sense of humor, your easy, undemanding presence - will only shine brighter as you grow into the fullness of all you’ve been created to be.

When I consider the gift of your life and the striking reality that you’ve been fearfully and wonderfully made for a particular purpose, as we all have been, I’m so humbled that I have the privilege of being your mama - to hold your hand and walk you through so many seasons of this beautiful life. But above all, I’m so grateful for the inexplicable peace of knowing that you are a daughter of the King, that your life rests in the One who unfailingly holds all things together for our good.

I love you always :)