Team Favorites: Art Prints

Wednesday March 20, 2019

Team Favorites: Art Prints

Our art prints are one of our favorite parts of the line and we love seeing them on your walls, how they bring light to your spaces and help them come to life. Pat does an amazing job thinking through each collection she creates, from the color palettes to the message she hopes to convey, and each print is truly an original work of art. In light of our Affirmations Series release, we asked our team to share their favorite art prints and where in their homes they'd hang them. We love what each of them shared:

Sara, Director of Operations & Accounts

My favorite print continues to be "Don't Worry Be Happy Be Free." I have the 11x14 hanging in my bedroom and I love that it is one of the first things I see when I open my eyes every morning. Though there will always be chapters with unexpected hurdles, it reminds me to begin each day with gratitude for this beautiful life, and faith that I am so very capable.

Angie, Shipping & Warehouse Coordinator

My favorite print is "Good Things Take Time" from the new Affirmation Series. I really appreciate the message of this print and would love to hang it above my bed.

Hyeyoon, Senior Graphic Designer

The Imperfect People art print is especially meaningful for me because my husband gave me the Imperfect People card on our wedding day. I am planning to have it leaning against my side table in our bedroom. It's a little reminder of our special day along with the encouragement of walking through life together. It melts my heart every time I read it.

Carol, Production & Fulfillment Manager

My absolute favorite art print from the line is the Imperfect People Print; I think they are the perfect words to live by when you are living alongside your favorite person. There is a perfect place in our living room where we can see it every time we head out to start our day as well as see it from the kitchen when we are cooking meals together.

Pat, Creative Director

I love Bouquet I. It’s shape and color palette make it an easy piece to sit with any space. I haven’t gotten around to framing ours, but it’ll go up on our living room!

Dot, CEO

I have so many favorite from our collection, but for the sake of this post, I narrowed it down to Tulips from our Floral Line Drawings Series. The loose strokes and clean lines of this print are so lovely and I love that it can be equally impactful sitting on its own or as part of a wall gallery. I'd hang this print in my living room above my couch; it would be so beautiful in the natural light and against the clean white walls.

If you're enjoying our Team Favorites posts as much as we are, let us know what else you'd like us to share about - we'd love to hear!

for all things lovely,
Our Heiday Team