Wednesday May 30, 2018

our heiday nss

And we’re back. Just a week ago, we were wrapping up our busiest day of NSS and just a week before that, shipping boxes, making last minute notes, squaring away details. We’re now settled again into the studio, taking care of the post-show madness and preparing for another season ahead. It’s incredible, that time works this way, moving forward unapologetically. As difficult as it is to blog with all of the other aspects of the company to run, writing has been so essential to our values as a team - the decision to pause, to remember, to reflect, to rest. Time doesn’t stop for anybody and in our world of go, sitting in the arena of hustle is a difficult place to fight for something different.

our heiday nss booth

We had a wonderful show. This was the first year that I got to walk the aisles completely and while it did feel smaller than previous years, I was filled up with the extra time we had to talk to the people who support what we do, for the lovely shop owners who sit in their parts of the world and bring us in to share with those who walk their cities and neighborhoods. NSS will always feel like a family reunion for me, a place where we connect with the ones we love after time has carried us through various seasons of life - how is your daughter, how are you doing after your health scare, how is life with grandbabies?

Regardless of what happens with the next show (yes, have you also heard it will likely be moved to February alongside NY NOW?), the most important thing I continue to take away is that it’s not the numbers or the quantifiable things that solely drive our work. It’s the people we come home to, work alongside, and cross paths with who sustain and inspire us to keep moving forward. So thank you, thank you for your encouraging words, for being as excited as we are about all of the new, for your pre-orders and reorders. We love that we’re elevating the things you reach for daily.