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Wednesday June 6, 2018


Charlotte, tomorrow we celebrate the gift you've been to all of us for the past two years. I used to love reading your grandma's birthday cards to me - even at a young age, I'd imagine the quietness that came as she sat at the table, letting her mind trace the past year so that she would have just the right words to say. This is the beauty of writing for another. We get to be generous with our time and thoughts and as your mama, I promise to do that for you always. 

our heiday letter to daughter

My sweet, spunky, spirited girl. We've never met someone so little with such huge opinions; your inner commander has made an early talker out of you. You're speaking in full sentences and making sure we all know what needs to be done. And little lady, you're a feeler. The way your cries come from your soul and laughter paints your entire face - we're never guessing how you're processing your thoughts. Daddy and I recognized early on the deep curiosity you've been given, the desire to understand how something works. I hope you take this into your relationships, the pursuit of what makes people move and act, because with understanding comes grace abounding. How God will use this to help you navigate the world and your convictions is something we're so excited to see unfold.

our heiday blog

I pray that you never doubt for a second that as a working mama, I put you first. That work has been given to me as a calling, but should the plans for me change, I'd readily submit hands wide open. In watching my imperfect practice of never clinging onto anything but Jesus, I hope you learn that we have the freedom of needing to be no more than who we are in Him. And when I fail, I promise to ask for forgiveness quickly so that you learn how to forgive others, to see love magnified when we let others off the hook.

our heiday blog

How you love me so fiercely has stretched my heart beyond what I knew possible and your little "mommmmmyca" shrieks as you ask to be scooped up is a reminder for me how we were created to be, wild and free in our desires to be wholly loved and accepted. 

Happiest birthday to you, my girl. Our hearts are so filled up by you.