Loved Ones

Wednesday March 27, 2019

wedding details guestbook and vows books

If I’m being really honest, my memories of our wedding day are complicated. There’s a little hurdle I have to get over (what the rosy facade of big day fairytales have done to me, I suppose) to let myself see that day clearly. It was undoubtedly beautiful - a big party just steps away from the Malibu coast against the backdrop of a historical house, the perfect 80 degree weather at the start of October, magnolia leaves, a dress full of tulle, a custom suit. One of our favorite restaurants put together an entire spread of the most delicious Mexican-inspired dinner for our 170 guests in beautiful bowls to be passed around as we broke bread together. We danced under market lights and the warm breeze.

But the reality is wedding planning nearly broke us, Clarence and me. So many of our differences erupted in shapes of little verbal daggers that we had no trouble throwing at one another. The florist showed up completely unfinished five hours late, scrambling to finish up in the back of a truck (this florist now has nearly 100K followers on Instagram so friends, let this be a lesson that Instagram is absolutely no indication on how well you do your job). I skimped on the day-of coordinator (a bad, bad idea) who ended up leaving without letting us know because of some sort of “emergency” and left her untrained assistant to handle the details. There were guests I wish we had spent more time with, bridesmaids I no longer speak to.

our heiday guestbook

Perhaps this is a universal story that we all have trouble sharing in light of social media, but facing the complexities of my wedding allows me to have a fuller grasp on what I hope to pass on to Charlotte, the next generation. Should she have a wedding down the road, I hope I remind her over and over again that this day is sacred and beautiful because of what it symbolizes, not what it projects. That this union shouldn’t be about what guests can see, but how they’ll feel - loved and appreciated as the tribe who will walk alongside you through life’s peaks and valleys. That details matter because they’re keepsakes to treasure for the fullness of the memories, not because they're worthy of photographing. Invest in those things.

our heiday guestbook

wedding place cards

Our Wedding Suite pieces were designed to make these truths more attainable. A modern guestbook to hold notes from loved ones who showed up and celebrated alongside you. There’s something so special about seeing those names listed in their very own handwriting. Vows To You, a set of booklets to write the promises you’ll need to come back to again because marriage can get real tough. Place cards with the loveliest little details because it's often in the small things that make people feel seen and loved. Use them for parties, gatherings before the big day, the big day. Our hope is to thoughtfully grow the collection so that these day-of essentials can be found in one place.

to celebrating well, relishing in those parties where life and love abound,