Everyday Post

Wednesday February 27, 2019

Everyday Post

Remember the dotted lines? The way the pencil would curve around the bend, connecting one dash to the next. The satisfaction of completing an entire row of A’s, B’s, then C’s. Grade school homework (or therapy?). I recently learned that cursive is no longer being taught in school and the idea that beautiful penmanship isn’t considered a skill worth investing time or resources in pained me. Maybe it’s not about the cursive (though creating an entire product line around hand lettering may say otherwise), but what underlies these decisions about what we throw and what we keep. Why we continue to prioritize efficiency and “marketable skills” rather than art and thoughtfulness when our world is parched for something more.

We write frequently about the beauty of taking the time to write, slowing down for ourselves or one another. How much we believe in making choices to do things differently so that we don’t get caught in the riptide of go go go. What we find in making breathing room for authentic human connection and pauses for self-reflection is a fuller version of ourselves, one that doesn’t declare waste in the small moments. Our Everyday Post sets are meant to bring us to this, that intentional time set aside to reach another - “Hi, friend. Thought of you and wanted to write.” There will be words crossed out, edited, amended. We don’t have the luxury of a backspace. But we hope that in preserving the art of a handwritten note, we continue to choose our individual, imperfect formations of a, b, c so that the stories we share get to the heart, in cursive or not. These moments, these friendships - they matter.

to the beauty of writing,