Wednesday November 7, 2018


The neighborhood trick-or-treating, sweet potato pie, pulling up to the local tree yard for the noble fir just after Thanksgiving, sebae and rice cake soup on New Years Day - traditions are what keep us close, nudge us to gather even if an entire year has passed since the last hugs goodbye and we'll see you soons.

Now that Charlotte is getting older and we're solidifying the memories we want to make as a family year after year, I'm realizing that, like all the best things we have, traditions require a bit of intention and commitment. They don't just pass on from one generation to the next without someone guiding them through, marking on the calendar that Christmas tree pick-up date, soaking the shiitakes for stew, booking the Pismo trip months in advance. 

our heiday holiday cards

As we head into the flurry of festivities these last two months of the year, my hope is that we embrace the seasonal disruptions of making traditions happen. The multiple grocery runs to grab those forgotten cranberries and pie crusts. While this sentiment may not ring true always, I've found that the fuller our calendar, the fuller our hearts during the holiday season. And in between the merrymaking and feasting, let's pencil in naps, lounging on the couch with a good read, rest. Because traditions are not only about the big show, but also the quiet places we reach for year after year.

to traditions,