Wednesday June 19, 2019


To think that in two days we’ll be on a plane to Tokyo is beyond. Words can’t adequately express what has transpired through this past year of preparation, but the last box has been closed, final ribbons tied. We’re so excited to see what this next week will hold.

our heiday gift wrap

They always say year 5 of a business is the sink or swim year and as we officially celebrate our 5th anniversary in a different continent, I’m not sure things are so neatly defined. We’re swimming, yes, but swimming often doesn’t feel like soaring when you consider all of the unseen parts of small business. And sinking? I think it’s too basic of a word for something that may feel more like pivoting or restrategizing; small business owners don’t easily wave the white flag.

our heiday

As we leave for two weeks for work and rest, we’re waiting in eager anticipation for what will meet us on the other side. If you’re the praying type, would you please lift one up for safe travels? Our husbands, two little girls, and parents are coming along with us and we’re hoping for all of us to arrive and depart without hiccup.

Stay tuned for a little travel diary next week! Can’t wait to report from Asia.

to adventure,