Celebrating Our Dads

Wednesday June 12, 2019

Celebrating Our Dads

Strangely, it seems like there’s a collective fanfare and sentimentality around Mother’s Day that Father’s Day, just a month later, lacks. Perhaps it’s the order of these celebrations that causes dads everywhere to be slightly overshadowed by their counterparts, or maybe a history of mamas shouldering the brunt of child-raising (so thankful these tides are turning). Whatever the case, we know firsthand that there are amazing, loving dads all around us that deserve just as much recognition.

Dads who willingly take the night shift, fumbling in the dark to feed their tiny babies and offer their wives the gift of uninterrupted sleep; dads who learn to braid and tie ponytails and negotiate outfit preferences; dads who cheer the absolute loudest from the sidelines regardless of how many points or goals their kid scores; dads who make career choices that prioritize their presence over their paychecks; dads who consciously make the daily choice to play more and worry less; dads who speak life and truth over their children, knowing that their words will take hold in little hearts and last a lifetime.

For these things and countless more, we want to take today to send hugs and a big THANK YOU to all the amazing dads doing their thing. As working mamas, we know that what we do is not possible without our husbands doing their part at home, just as we do for them. As daughters, we know the value of having a father who believed in us from the moment we were born, the importance of his guidance as we grew up, the gift of his humility as we stepped into adulthood. We’re blessed to be surrounded by them, these sweet, strong, and sensitive daddies.

Wishing all the dads and dad figures the happiest Father’s Day this week. We hope you’re feeling so loved and appreciated today and every day.

celebrating you,