Our Upcoming Move & Other Shifting Parts

Tuesday January 16, 2018

Our Upcoming Move & Other Shifting Parts

The start of 2018 has felt like more of a whirlwind than any years past. Somewhere between our quick trip to Atlanta for the Gift Show, conducting interviews for our growing team, and managing new product releases (have you seen our Imperfect People print? so darn sweet for Valentine’s Day.), I almost forget that we’re only a few short weeks away from moving into our new studio space! We’re so excited about the beginning of this new chapter and how the business will evolve throughout our next few years here.

We’d been on the hunt for nearly six months before we found our new home - almost half a year of driving around town to look at dozens of different spaces and having conversation after conversation about our vision and budget and location. Ultimately, we narrowed down our search based on a handful of non-negotiables:

  1. Proximity to home. We’re committed to creating a work culture that encourages our team to pursue a full, abundant life both personally and professionally. For Pat and me in this season, that means cutting our commute time so we can be as present as possible at work and at home for our husbands + girls.

  2. Accessibility to other businesses. We toyed with the idea of finding a large industrial space in a more affordable location, but so much of our vision was wrapped into being community-oriented that we couldn’t imagine being holed up among a sea of warehouses. We love the idea of gathering with fellow creatives, women, business owners, and other like-minded individuals, so it was important that we were in an accessible location. Also being walking distance to some good quality coffee was a very welcome bonus :)

  3. A sense of ownership. After spending over two years in a shared building, we knew we were ready to occupy a space we could call and make our own. We wanted a warm, inviting place that our team could come to each morning and feel a sense of belonging, somewhere that didn’t require a trek to a shared bathroom or a daily battle for limited street parking (hi, DTLA).

It’s bittersweet to say goodbye to the Arts District and all its raw energy; minus a handful of parking tickets and one shattered windshield, this city has hosted us so well during Our Heiday’s first three years. We've loved it here, but this season of both our business and our personal lives is clearly tugging us elsewhere - to a place our team can call its own and in a location that allows Pat and me to be closer to our families and make this working mama shuffle just a little more seamless.

We’re spending the next couple weeks solidifying the details - laying down floors, choosing light fixtures, shopping for kitchenette cabinets - all the good stuff we’ve been waiting for. Photos and updates of the new space so soon, we promise :)

In the meantime, a little walk down memory lane: our first space here and here. Our current space here (unfurnished!), here and here. And to take us even further back, a peek into when the business operated from Pat’s old living room (!) here. There's nothing like looking back to make us so, so grateful for what’s ahead.