Rest, Reset

Wednesday December 19, 2018

Rest, Reset

We talk a lot about rest here because it’s something we so believe in prioritizing and protecting even though (especially when) it can feel impossible amidst the hustle of running a business and keeping homes and raising babies. And after a whirlwind weekend of working our Nordstrom Pop-in (such a joy to meet customers in person!) while wiped out from an intense bout of laryngitis, serving full-time mama duty while my husband worked the night shift, I’m reminded just how necessary it is to hit pause. To rest, to reset.

Rest can feel so elusive because what is it really? Is it napping and netflixing? Sipping tea and novel reading? Beach tripping and sunbathing? It comes in so many shapes and sizes, as varied as the people engaging in it, because rest is truly less about the activity and more in the surrender - the acknowledging of our mental and physical limitations and the yielding to our need for stillness.

We’ve intentionally woven rest into our company culture, offering vacation days to each member on our team from their first day with us and respecting work hours to the very best of our ability. Rest, we believe,  is not something to be earned, but a prerequisite to leading a beautiful and vibrant life - something we strongly desire for each person that walks through our doors. Each year, we send our team home a few days before Christmas and tell them to stay away until after New Years :) Because beneath all the tinsel and twinkle lights, the holidays comprise such a sacred season - a time to gather with loved ones and relish in the simple joy of togetherness.

For Pat and me, this downtime  also creates space to collectively reset and re-calibrate for the new year. As much as we value these days off to leisurely spend with our parents and husbands and babies, we’re also so looking forward to recharging our batteries - setting goals, stoking inspiration - so that we come back, rested and fully powered, for a strong start to 2019. Running a business isn’t easy and we’re doing it all so imperfectly, but we’re especially reminded in this Christmas season that grace abounds. And that Truth brings all the rest we need.

to resting and resetting,