Community, In Real Life.

Wednesday January 9, 2019

Community, In Real Life.

Happiest New Year, friends. This is our second week back in the studio and we can’t tell you what a refresh it’s been having had some time off to reassess our 2019 vision and goals. Our team spent two days regrouping, restructuring and reorging as necessary, and capped off our first week sprucing up our studio walls (nearly a year in the works!). Sometimes the sheer number of things we need to check off makes it easy to think that we’re moving forward. That’s done, yes, great, check, check, check. But the check marks are futile when we’ve forgotten to keep our eyes on the horizon, the tried and true assessment of whether our to-do’s are leading somewhere. So Dot and I did just that winding down the latter half of December. We refocused our gaze outward and realized how many things were weighing us down, causing inefficiencies. This start of 2019 doesn’t only feel like a new year, it feels like a necessary year. A time that so much of our growth and hustle needs to propel forward for us to make new leaps.

We ended 2018 with our 3-day Nordstrom Pop-In and it couldn’t have been a better way to set the tone for the new year, something that we’re investing in heavily this year - community, in real life. As our team fully stepped up to offer this IRL experience (in the midst of Dot battling laryngitis and losing her voice), we had the chance to meet so many of you who have been following along or happened to be strolling on by. A mama who bought two art prints for her twin daughters and had them framed through The Frame Shop, the gentleman finding the perfect card for his brother, a father thoughtfully perusing for his daughter’s Christmas gift. Being able to engage with so many of our customers, share stories, create community face-to-face is just the type of retail we’re envisioning. We already have one in the works so soon and can’t wait to share more with you.

Let’s continue to connect in 2019. Do you have thoughts? Ideas? Would you like to see us somewhere? Write us a note below or send us an email. We love hearing from you. (: And don’t forget! Sign up for our newsletters to stay updated with all of the latest news and special surprises.

to the best year yet,