Canvas For A Cause

Wednesday May 22, 2019

our heiday canvas for a cause

We're so excited to launch our give-back campaign this year. Supporting young girls and education is something that Dot and I have consistently talked about since the beginning of Our Heiday and our goal is to weave more concerted giving into our business model. 

our heiday canvas for a cause

Canvas For A Cause came to life at a time as we were challenged to think more intentionally about how we were fulfilling a larger purpose in the daily work that we do. Still very much in the start-up phases of a small company, it's so easy to get stuck with our heads in the weeds rather than facing toward the horizon. With all of the pop-ups, a new collection, our first ever international trade show in Tokyo, and the day-to-days of sailing this ship, we found ourselves so focused on getting through that our original commitment to give seemed like another task that we couldn't afford to put on the never-ending checklist. In a timely way, our church has been preparing to head to Kyrgyzstan as part of their partnership with the community there and as we were given more insight into The Oak House, particularly Dasha's story, we felt called to be a small part of this amazing thing happening beyond our corner of the world. 

our heiday canvas for a cause

As I painted these original canvases, often times in a the quiet of the evening as Charlotte was down for the night, or other times with her having fallen asleep on me, I was filled with so much gratitude - the privilege of being able to do the work that I love is something that requires a daily moment of thanksgiving. 

Our hope is that these paintings will end up in your homes, a visual reminder of the beauty that happens with just a little bit of light. 100% of your purchase will go to helping girls like Dasha who, like all of us, are finding their purpose. Thank you, thank you for your support.

with eyes on the horizon,