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FW 19 Sneak Peek

Wednesday May 29, 2019

FW 19 Sneak Peek

A true labor of love, these releases. When we first started Our Heiday, each new collection felt reactionary - a quick response to what was needed, trying to play catch up after all of the other small business things were taken care of (package the cards! run to USPS! buy more tape! take product photos!). It's been a couple of years now where I've had the breathing room to think more meticulously about what each collection needs to hold and only about a year since we've been able to plan releases a full year out. Even then, there are so many unexpected twists and turns that our team navigates affecting how the new comes together and it truly feels like a moment to celebrate when we've arrived. Thinking about getting these into your hands inspires us all over again. (:

Our FW 19 Collection was inspired by the simplicity of color and single brush strokes. I'm constantly learning how powerful the interaction between these two elements are - how the slightest change affects the entire piece. We worked with colored stock for the first time and were stunned by the way the gold foil so perfectly pressed into the paper. The four new wedding cards (ones to mom & dad as well!) added to our Wedding Suite capture just what we hoped for.

our heiday wedding

our heiday wedding

our heiday wedding

We also worked with colored stock for the new thank you cards you see above. Patterned envelopes from previous collections, some of our best sellers and customer favorites, with the lovely simplicity of the foil lettering seems to be the perfect way to send a thoughtful thank you. 

Our FW collections always include holiday (a bit early for most), but just in time for our wonderful retail shops who bring our line into their lovely stores. In true Our Heiday fashion, our focus was offering a fresh perspective on classic holiday motifs. We can't wait to see how you use these.

our heiday holiday

And for everyday gifting, a whole new collection of gift tags! Seeing patterns in different forms is always such a treat. You can find all of these as gift wrap here.

our heiday gift

You'll have to wait for the entire release to see the rest - some of our new everyday cards will be on my constant rotation to send. Mark your calendars for June 4th! All of the new will be available on the site. And as always, thank you, thank you for following along, thank you for your orders, your support. Every package out the door directly impacts what we do daily and we wouldn't be here without you.

with so much gratitude,