The Art Of Gifting With Intention

Wednesday August 15, 2018

The Art Of Gifting With Intention

I’ve been the joyful recipient of curated gift boxes and flower delivery services on a handful of occasions in the past couple years; each time, I’m filled with the happy surprise of receiving an unexpected package from someone I love. I so appreciate the idea that a sweet friend has chosen a beautifully curated box for my birthday or selected that perfectly wild bouquet to congratulate us on our baby girl. The surge of these thoughtfully executed delivery services and gift boxes have filled such a necessary gap in the industry: a way to easily gift our faraway friends amidst our busy lives. And while they’re efficient and beautiful, these gifts that land on our doorsteps via middleman can feel just a tiny bit disconnected.

Like so many things powered by technology and necessitated by our go-go-go lifestyles, the genius of these services are also, in part, their downfall. Yes, when life gets crazy and there’s no time for a leisurely stroll around your local gift shop, it’s absolutely amazing that we’re able to send a gorgeous bouquet with a few clicks or put together a lovely care package without leaving the comfort of our homes. We totally get it. But as we commit to slowing down and embracing intentionality in all things, we want to recapture the practice of penciling in our loved ones’ birthdays and milestones in our calendars, letting our hands touch the gifts we give, and when possible, celebrating with our loved ones face to face.  

There’s something to be said about intentionally putting together that gift bundle yourself, of carefully selecting two or three pieces and wrapping them up with beautiful paper and including a thoughtful card with a handwritten note. Likewise, knowing that your gift giver took a deep inhale of the candle she chose for you before selecting the subtle tones of fig + vanilla over the brighter notes of sweet persimmon, or that she wrapped that handkerchief around her neck to make sure it gathered just right, or rubbed swatches of lip color on the back of her hand to find that perfect hue - these intimate moments make all the difference in the gifts we give and receive. We’re finding that gifting well is not simply in selecting the perfect product, but in giving the process our time and thoughtfulness. In this spirit, we're learning to hurry less, linger longer, and enjoy the art of gifting with intention.