Team Favorites: Mother's Day Edition

Wednesday May 1, 2019

Team Favorites: Mother's Day Edition

There's something about honoring mamas, our own and other mom figures in our lives, that is so special. It's almost impossible to adequately describe our deep gratitude for these women with a few simple words, but our Mother's Day cards are some of our most heartfelt sentiments. From growing in our relationship with our sweet mama to our becoming moms to our own precious daughters, this season holds a particular significance for us. 

Today, we're doing a Mother's Day edition of Team Favorites, remembering our moms and chatting about our favorite cards from the collection. Our hearts are full from what each member of our team shared:

Hyeyoon, Senior Graphic Designer

Favorite Mom card: My favorite card from the line is To My Mom. The words capture my mom so well. She is truly the most sincere and kind-hearted woman I know.

Special memory of her mama: One of my favorite memories of my mom was watching her sew a dress for my niece. I was visiting my parents who were living in China at the time and I went with her to buy the fabric at local markets and watched her spend so much time in the details of the dress. Watching her pour all of her love into this little dress was a small glimpse of the many times she showed me her unconditional love while I was growing up. Even though we would only see my mom a couple of times in the year because of the distance, this dress was also her way of showing us how she'll always be so close to our hearts.

Angie, Shipping & Warehouse Coordinator

Favorite Mom card: My favorite card from our Mother’s day line is the Flowers For Mom card. For as long as I can remember, my mom has always loved flowers - it's also something she and I bond over. She loves her roses and I love my succulents. Flowers for Mom reminds me of our backyard, and the deep red just so happens to be my mom’s favorite color. 

Special memory of her mama: A special memory of my mom is from so many years ago on my first day of Pre-K. I remember that my mom insisted that she stay with me even though my “I can do it myself” attitude kicked in. Even as I played with the other kids, I felt a sense of relief knowing she was there. Til this day, she has stayed behind me and supported me, whether I ask or not, and that is all I could ask for. There really is no love like a mother’s love and I am so grateful!

Sara, Director of Operations & Accounts

Favorite Mom cardThe sentiment of our Seen & Loved Mama card is so beautiful and profound to me. Over the years I've come to treasure simply the gift of time with my mom, to see and know her fully as a friend and an incredible woman, in addition to the super parent that she is.

Special memory of her mamaIt is an ongoing custom of ours when I visit, to wake up early on cloudy mornings and pick out our favorite mugs - hers usually from Disneyland, mine from our trip to Alaska - while a pot of coffee is brewing. We sit outside on the patio and always get so caught up in conversation that we rarely make it to our usual breakfast spot for pancakes before early afternoon. Those moments when we are able to just sit together in the stillness of morning, with nowhere else to be, constitute my favorite memories and are so very dear to my heart.

Pat, Creative Director

Favorite Mom cardSeen & Loved Mama

Special memory of her mamaMy mom is truly the most generous, thoughtful, considerate person I know. When I went into labor and had gotten situated at the hospital, she had asked me what I wanted for dinner. Knowing there was a delicious mediterranean restaurant near her work and not wanting to inconvenience her on a Monday night, I asked for that. Of course mom being mom, she searched for the absolute best Mediterranean restaurant she could find. She ended up driving to Santa Monica (not realizing that there was a closer location in Glendale) from downtown LA in peak rush hour traffic and all the way back so that I would have the best version of the dish. I'm certain that Charlotte felt all the love before she entered the world.

Dot, CEO

Favorite Mom card: I love so many Mom cards from our line and have written notes to my own mom in so many of them. One of my favorites is One of a Kind Mama because it's such a sweet one to give not only to your mom, but also to mama friends who you want to celebrate or encourage all year round. 

Special memory of her mama: One of the many ways my mom cares for us so well is by making sure we're fed, full, and nourished. She willingly and lovingly packed me a lunch through my senior year of high school, and because she knew my utter dislike of soggy bread (blah!), she'd pack the filling and bread of my sandwich in two separate containers each day. Toasted bread in one, turkey slices, tomato, lettuce, and cheese in the other. Those small, intentional ways she'd go above and beyond for me made me feel so known and loved. 

Wishing you a lovely Mother's Day season, friends.

Our Heiday Team