Happy New Year! Resolutions & Things.

Tuesday January 2, 2018

Happy New Year! Resolutions & Things.

The end of the year always feels like one big, hectic, wonderful flurry of festivities and while we thoroughly enjoy the time we have off to spend with family and loved ones, there’s something so satisfying about the clean slate of a new year. In an ideal world, we’d be spending this week calmly roadmapping the next six months - meticulously creating our design calendar and setting some concrete financial goals - but real life calls and our new year planning has been punctuated by playing a lot of email catch-up and tying some frayed ends from 2017.

Still, we’re invigorated and inspired by all 2018 holds for us. While we’re bleary-eyed from the holidays, sleep-deprived from chasing an 18-month old, and a little weighed down by 7 months of pregnancy, we’re so ready for what we hope will be our most dynamic year yet. There’s so much to look forward to - a new studio space, growing our team, releasing some of our best new products - and we can’t wait to share it all with you.

Above all, we’re committed to carrying out our core values the best we can, day after day. To keep the well-being of one another and our employees at the forefront of all we do. To offer our business as a blessing. To be the best mamas we can be to our little girls by putting them first, always, while also showing them that women have so much intelligence and creativity to bring to the world. To create a company culture that allows our team to thrive both in and out of the workplace. To do all things with light, love, and integrity because we believe it matters, even in the smallest things. These foundational goals far transcend color palettes and product extensions and revenue goals. They’re the ones we carry from year to year because we know these ripples reverberate a lifetime.

We’re wishing each of you a beautiful beginning to 2018! We hope that we can be a small part of all the new year holds for you and are so grateful that you’re following along with our story.