The Everything Clutch

Thursday November 30, 2017

The Everything Clutch

One of the hardest things about running a creative business is that we feel like we’re constantly birthing little minis, the tiny extensions of ourselves that say something about what we’re bringing into our tiny space of the world. Each detail is given inordinate care so that the fullness of the things we create is all that we imagine and more.

The Everything Clutch was our first step into textiles, a brand extension we always knew we wanted to pursue as we expand our offerings beyond stationery. Playfully refined with the finest materials and patterns, we wanted to create something that felt effortless and was made to last - a clutch you could easily grab for dinner or slip into your bag on your way to the airport.

The one thing you need for everything.

When we first released our sample run at The National Stationery Show in May, we were promised big things for full production: colors would be accurate, sewing would be perfect, yes, this is the finest microfiber leather and a real YKK zipper. The response was amazing - our shops loved them, new shops wanted them, we birthed another mini and we were dang proud. But when we got back from the show and were ready to dive in, suddenly the brakes were pulled with mutterings about not being able to account for color - the single most important part of these designs. The color needed to be 100% on point. But, no can do, they said. So neither could we. And back to the drawing board we went.

After encountering the difficulties of producing these overseas (to note, most of our products are made in partnerships with local manufacturers here in LA, but when the product calls for it, we are not opposed to seeking partnerships overseas - more on this topic later and please comment if you’d like to discuss further!), we decided to find local manufacturers so that we would have full control over each component. Five months of obsession were hitting all time highs - we were about to rebirth The Everything Clutch after all, and that came with it a whole new level of fixation. Is the zipper tape two shades too blush? That fabric, it’s beautiful, wait, can we get something with a little more weight? Can we smoothen that corner just a bit? Should we schedule another meeting? This color doesn’t seem right. Let’s run that sample again, yes third time’s the charm.

From the fabric printing to the inner lining and fine microfiber suede to the smooth YKK zipper, each part of our clutch has been sourced in our downtown Los Angeles neighborhood. We found a highly skilled leather sewer whose studio is filled with the scent of worn leather and finely crafted bags (someone bottle this up, please) - he and his team sew each clutch by hand.

Birth is painful and beautiful thing, but the way these came forth is something we want to share from the mountain tops. More than the clutch, this is an extension of our story, of how we exist to make something out of very little, if nothing at all. We hope you’ll love them, that they’ll be carried on first dates, anniversary dinners, girls’ night outs. As always, thank you for believing in the things that we do.