Phuket Travel Diary

Wednesday July 3, 2019

Phuket Travel Diary

We’re currently sitting in the living room of our hotel room in Phuket, enjoying a rare stretch of quiet as the timing of the girls’ naps miraculously aligned this afternoon. We’ve been away from home for nearly two weeks now and the majority of their naps have been spent slung over our shoulders, jostling to the beat of our steps as we run to catch a train to Ginza or to the gentle rocking of a rickety old shuttle at the end of the day here in Mai Khao. 

Our time in Thailand has been exactly what we needed after a whirlwind of a week in Tokyo. We wrapped our work trip last Friday evening with ramen and donburi at the local food court (not quite the celebratory meal we planned for, but such is the juggle of traveling with two little ladies) and woke up at 3:45a the next morning to catch an early flight to Bangkok. Ten hours later, we touched down in Phuket for a week of some much needed R&R. 

After two days of doing nothing but splashing in the pool with the girls and getting some amazing Thai massages by the beach, we piled into a taxi van and trekked south to explore more of the island. Some of our favorite moments: sweating bullets in Pad Thai Shop slurping down some of the most delicious noodle soups, tumbling around in the warm salty water at Karon Beach, watching Haley and Charlotte navigate their budding friendship over shared floaties and somersaults (and squabbles, haha), late evening conversations with our sweet parents. 

We’re halfway through our time here and are looking forward to the next few days of rest and recharging. We’re headed to an elephant sanctuary tomorrow and are on the continued hunt for more mangosteen and the best local food we can find. Feeling so grateful for this time as a family and for the chance to explore this part of our world.

filled up & running over,