Our New Studio

Wednesday February 21, 2018

Our New Studio

What a whirlwind. We're here, we're nearly settled. With two new members of our team and Donna going on maternity leave, we've had not only to set up our entire studio again (the warehouse, inventory, desks, computers, servers, printers, the whole thing), but also transition people in and one out. It's been a constant go, go, go, but the incredible collaborative energy of everyone here has been a thrill to be a part of. We are so blessed to have our team who makes this ship sail. 

If there's anything that brings people together, it's moving and making home. In the process of building furniture, setting up mail, and reorganizing boxes, we've collectively experienced the joy of making something out of nothing and that's a kind of team building you can't fabricate. We are so excited to have Sara, our new Studio & Accounts Manager, and Sarah Anne, our Junior Designer, join us as we set roots in this new space and prepare for big things to come this year. 

While our calendar is full of deadlines, timelines, release dates, meetings, market, and travel, our ultimate goal is always this: to do what we've been given well; to create fresh, timeless everyday essentials; to do all of this with intention, light and love. 

Thanks so much for coming alongside us for the journey.

with gratitude,