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Girls Plan Our Power

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It’s such a special thing to be a small team of young women in a creative industry; there’s a kind of camaraderie and friendship that flows when women come together and we’re proud + thankful to be in this together. We’ve been committed to the mantra that girls can since our start, so we’re especially excited to partner with Step Up this holiday season for our get-one-gift-one campaign: Girls Plan Our Power. Step Up is an incredible organization that focuses on the personal, professional and educational empowerment of young women in under-resourced communities in Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas and New York.

From October 10th through November 30th, for every weekly magnetic agenda purchased, we’re gifting one to the girls of Step Up’s Los Angeles chapter. We believe that consistent planning is key to long-term success and we genuinely hope that these agendas will contribute to these girls’ future success in some small way! We’re so excited to partner with an organization that is doing such tangible and inspiring work in girls’ lives throughout these cities.

We developed and launched these agendas in the pursuit of a practical, functional organizational tool that was also beautiful enough to put in our homes and workspaces. These 12 x 17” flexible, fully magnetic agendas are perfect for the kitchen or office - designed for organizing life beautifully.

We hope you’ll join us this season as we come alongside Step Up in empowering college-bound, career-driven young women realize their potential and become future girl bosses themselves. #girlsplanourpower. 

We love being on this journey with all of you and are so thankful for your support always! 

All photos by our lovely friend and photographer Lily Glass.

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