FW 19 Favorites

Wednesday July 10, 2019

our heiday stationery

As much as we enjoyed traveling the past two weeks, it’s been such a warm welcome back home - there’s nothing like the comfort of your own bed, no matter how nice those hotel sheets are, and the rhythms of the day-to-day to come back to. Stepping back into the studio and connecting again with the team was also a warm squeeze. Truly, home is where your people are.

So much of our time is spent thinking about what’s to come, the next collection, the following year, all the things ahead that we often forget to celebrate what’s been done. I never want to forget the time and energy it’s taken to get a new release off the ground; every draft of the hand lettered copy, every production hiccup, every image for our newsletters, every word thoughtfully considered, every asset uploaded to the backend of our site, every order shipped out - our team’s hands touch each part of this process. The feedback from our FW 19 Collection has been wonderful and we’re so grateful that you’ve been just as excited about all the newness that we’ve released. Taking on colored stock was a big risk for us and to know that we’ve already sold out of our A1 Thank You notes with patterned envelopes is incredible. Thank you, thank you. 

our heiday greeting cards

Our challenge this collection was to focus on high impact - a small, but mighty selection. These thank you notes and the latest everyday gift tags just might be our current favorites. Gift tags are such a wonderful, inexpensive way to add thoughtful details. We love them paired with our gift wrap or as a lovely pop of color against kraft paper. 

our heiday gift tags

As always, please tag us on social media (@ourheiday) so we can see how you're using our products in your everyday. That we can be a small part in your slowing down to care for or write the ones you love is why we do what we do.

to celebrating,