Considered Consumerism

Wednesday September 25, 2019

Considered Consumerism

You may have seen glimpses on Instagram, but we’re definitely a Christmas in July (perhaps even more like March) kind of business. There are catalogs to be prepared, newsletters slated, products sent into production. Every year, we’re mindful of the tension as we anticipate the big buying season that sustains our business all the while wanting to be thoughtful, minimal consumers ourselves. We, too, want to push back against the waste and pollution that comes with large-scale manufacturing, considering what we truly need and don’t.

our heiday cards

This is where we land: we can’t escape the need to buy things to sustain our lives (nor do we want to, really - self-care might mean occasionally grabbing those beautifully well-made shoes or luxurious box notes). But we can escape thoughtless consumerism, buying for buying’s sake to fill an insatiable need for more. As we head into the fall, which kickstarts one of the biggest shopping seasons of the year, we’d like you to sit in the tension with us and all of the other small businesses that are invested in making thoughtful, beautiful, useful things. We’re nudging you toward making more considered choices when possible. Come time to buy those hostess gifts for your Thanksgiving dinner or holiday gifts around the tree, would you consider that when you purchase from a small business, every cent directly impacts individual people? Whether the team is one or ten, each person has a job to come to because of the customers who believe in the work that they’re doing. We were children of the #shopsmall movement even before Instagram had its say with a business-owning immigrant mother; our hope is to provide the same for our families and our team’s families no matter how big we grow or small we stay.

We’ll say it through the life of Our Heiday - infinitely humbled and grateful, we’re here because of you.

to a renewed way of shopping,

some of our favorite candles, ceramics, oils, and gift box sets from local makers.