Wednesday September 11, 2019

This season has brought so much unanticipated change both personally and here at Our Heiday. Navigating unexpected roads keeps our stories interesting and full of depth, like all the classics we’ve read growing up. With any small business, change is inevitable, along with taxes or bookkeeping, and I’ve found the internal resistance happens when I fixate on staying where things are comfortable. Riding the current when the waves are good feels so much better than tumbling.

Last fall, we took a trip to Portland for our 5 year anniversary and it was the first time I truly saw what fall foliage is supposed to look like firsthand (though you Vermont friends may laugh at that, too). Growing up in LA by the beach, moderate temperatures and evergreen have intrinsically stunted my ability to understand how the changing seasons give way to abundant life; no amount of reading measures to experiencing this year after year. How the chlorophyll breaking down in the leaves signals shorter days then lead to their dormancy in preparation of full bloom come spring. I’m convinced that the bodily experience of these climate shifts better prepare some of us when difficult seasons come, that the rigidity to change is already softened knowing what’s ahead because you’ve seen something beautiful erupt out of nothing.

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As fall approaches again in just a couple of weeks, I’m reminding myself of what I can't see as we’re no longer riding the same wave. The work being done under the surface in a season of waiting is making way for fuller growth, that comfort for comfort’s sake isn’t a life brimming with possibilities. This is our hope for today, tomorrow, and the next.

to changing seasons,