• Be Back in a Few!

Be Back in a Few!

Real Talk

Hi, friends!

We’ve been quiet on the blog front for the past month because it’s just been one of those seasons, the kind where there is no such thing as downtime or mid-afternoon lulls...

because we’re in the thick of the post-NSS rush,

because our Creative Director just had a baby (!!),

because we’re doing some major restructuring internally, and

because our NY gal is still doing that bi-coastal dance until she’s back for good.
You know, life things.
And so many good things, but our plate is looking a little too full. Sometimes you just gotta pack away that extra brownie for tomorrow and say no to the handful of chips to make room for the main course, which is what we’re trying do: focus on creating beautiful, quality products.
We love our blog and the space it gives us to share our ongoings and inspiration, but we’re going to put it on a short, temporary hiatus until we can give it the attention it's due. Seasons like this press us to prioritize because there are only so many hours in a day and we’re big believers in the sacredness of rest. Like so many working women, we’re trying to strike that elusive work-life balance and finding it’s far more of an imperfect lifelong juggle. The happy place between the two is often a matter of perspective more than it is any sort of true equilibrium and that’s okay because what a gift it is to work at all.
We’re giving Patricia some time to settle into her new mama rhythm with her hubby and baby Charlotte Everly, letting the dust settle a bit from the show and its aftermath, taking care of our employees as best as we can, working hard to make sure all of our customers + shops are happy, and trying to enjoy this exciting ride. If you’ve been following along with us here, thank you so, so much - we’ll be back in a jiffy!
We're so grateful for all your support of Our Heiday thus far. No sweet comment on Instagram or kind, just-because email goes unnoticed and we’re so very appreciative of it all, always. We may be a little quiet on the blog, but you can be sure we’re still scheming and dreaming for what’s ahead and from where we stand, it’s looking lovely :)

See you so soon!

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