An Open Letter

Wednesday March 7, 2018

An Open Letter

Dear girls,

With your arrivals came not only the sweet gift of knowing you, but also a birthing of an entirely new version of ourselves. As mamas, we suddenly start again, trying to situate which parts of our pasts get sorted into the future wisdom or things never to do again boxes we now organize for you. And every decision moving forward will never be made apart from the forever knot we've formed with your tiny bodies. It's beautiful, it's sacrificial.

Charlotte, the past 21 months of learning who you are have been my most joyous - your deeply inquisitive, compassionate, fiery, loving nature points me to all the things that have been written out for your life and my heart aches with the thought that I've been chosen to be a part of it. 

Haley, meeting you awakened the sacred spot within that's only reserved for a sister's daughter. How special it is to be your emo. The peacefulness you already radiate is a gift we're so excited to cultivate and I'm beyond emotions thinking about how your life has been entrusted to two of the best people I know. 

And to both of you, I write this now as a reminder that being a mama and auntie who loves her work means that I live out my promise, not just speak it. That even when our careers feel overwhelming - deadlines to meet, and places to go - we'll choose you first; that we'll practice the art of being countercultural in a world where go seems to be the constant undercurrent. We refine our lives, our work, our relationships, our faith by the promise of what's to come. And when we forget and feel like we've failed, because we will, I'll come back here, bring myself to a place on the Wednesday morning I sat quietly reflecting on the gifts that you are, and ask for grace abounding. 

love beyond words,
an undeserving mama and auntie