• We Would've Never Expected...

We Would've Never Expected...

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We love looking back at all the places this journey has taken us, even (maybe especially) the unexpected ones because what’s an adventure without a few great detours? Some of these events have left us in a state of momentary shock, but nothing has been insurmountable and the aftermath has made way for so many gems to add to our story. We’re reflecting on a few of our most memorable moments below!

We never would've expected...

  1. To go from a one (wo)man show to a team of four in just a few short months. We didn’t realize this would happen so quickly, but team building is paramount!

  2. To see Pat’s “I Have a Dream” lettering pop up on Kim Kardashian’s Instagram feed on MLK last year. This one still makes us laugh.

  3. To find out Pat was pregnant and that her due date wouldn’t allow her to be at NSS this year! Thankfully, we have the gift of number 1 :)

  4. To be a part of The Zoe Report’s Box of Style and package leopard note cards by the thousands.

  5. To get to work side by side as sisters, one of the greatest blessings!

We’re pretty certain this list will keep growing and those unexpected pit stops will only multiply in the years to come, but we’re always thankful for the chance to catch a great view and so happy to be on the ride :)


(Above photo by Lily Glass)

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