• The Magic of Celebrating

The Magic of Celebrating

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We love that the occasions to celebrate multiply as we get older, but we’re trying to figure out why the joy of these celebrations seem to subtly fade with each soirée. Maybe birthdays aren’t quite so fun to celebrate as the numbers get bigger, or perhaps real jobs quickly deter us from partying like it’s 1999, and we get it, by the seventh wedding this year we’re also feeling just a tiny bit over it.

But while we’re building traditions for the long haul in this formative decade of our lives, we’re holding fast to the magic of celebrating because it so matters to share the best things in life with family and friends. Birthdays, babies, promotions, retirements, engagements, anniversaries...there are a thousand beautiful occasions to celebrate and we want to make it a point to gather with our best people and acknowledge these milestones. And when we can’t physically be there, to remember the simple joy of sending a little something.

Here are five simple ways to maximize the magic of celebrating, whether you’re hosting or sending well-wishes from afar!

1. Make a list of occasions you’d like to celebrate and mark them in your calendar so you're not stressed and scrambling at the last minute. Planning ahead + creating a little room in your budget for festivities really reduces the stress of celebrating, whether that’s taking a friend to brunch or sending congratulatory flowers.

2. Make it a potluck! The best kind of party is the one you’re present for (rather than slaving away in the kitchen), so prepare two or three main dishes and ask your pals to bring a side, dessert, or drinks. Food is so much better when it’s communal! If you’re concerned about presentation, just have serving trays ready for your guests to transfer their yummies into.

3. Keep a stack of greeting cards + gift cards (Starbucks, Sephora, Nordstrom, etc.) handy for birthdays that you might’ve forgotten to account for. Sure, gift cards aren’t the most personal gift, but who doesn't love some extra cash to their favorite store? Especially when it’s tucked into a card and tied with a bow :)

4. DIY judiciously. Doing-it-yourself is a fantastic way to save money and get creative, but taking on too much can quickly turn a craft project into a time-consuming nightmare. Go ahead and arrange the flowers or make some pom-poms to hang, but maybe get the menus printed (or nix them altogether). The less fuss, the more fun.   

5. If possible, take it outdoors! Outdoor festivities are great for making a party less stuffy and more interactive for all of your guests. Bring some burgers to throw on the grill, pack some sides and snacks picnic style, and you’re good to go. No need to go overboard on the decor, either. Win!

We want to rewire the way we think about celebrations so that they don’t break the bank or become hassles or stressors. The point of celebrating is not to impress anyone with fancy appetizers or the price tag on your gift, but to simply show them they’re loved. At the end of the day, no one who matters will care if the decorations were perfect, but they will remember how the gathering made them feel and filled their souls :)

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