• Spring Rolls, Robots, & Doors

Spring Rolls, Robots, & Doors


Happiest Friday, all!  

Currently: Preparing for a new workflow for the next month while Pat stays home per her doctor’s orders (more on this next week!). Juggling our personal + work lives is one messy, unpredictable, beautiful process, but there’s so much peace in trusting in a good God, yielding to a bigger plan, and not worrying about tomorrow.

This week, we’re…

Feasting on Vietnamese Spring rolls, one of our favorite Spring/Summer recipes. We love this dish because it’s not just a meal, but a communal culinary experience that draws people around the table. There are hundreds of variations of Spring rolls (some yummy ones here, here and here) and it’s so easy to improvise with whatever protein and vegetables you have on hand, though we’d consider cilantro and mint leaves non-negotiables! Carrot sticks, ribboned cabbage, julienned peppers, cucumbers, chunks of pineapple plus any variation of grilled shrimp, pork, or tofu. Just whip up an easy peanut sauce and you’ve got yourself an amazing meal.

Reflecting on Domino’s Pizza Delivery Robot, which has been approved to deliver pizzas in New Zealand! The 3-ft.-tall, 4-wheeled bot can deliver pizzas up to a 12.5 mile radius, though official trial dates have yet to be released. We don’t know whether to laugh or cry! Looks like our kids might be tipping the delivery robot instead of the deliver guy in the future.

Inspired by doors. They're one of those things we don’t think about on the regular, but when you see one that makes you stop to pause, you know the impact that it can have. They have total say on how you feel about a space, how you feel about entering that space, and these are ones that we’d walk through any day.

Wishing you all a worry-free weekend spent gathering with your best people :)

door 1 | door 2 | door 3


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