• 3 Tips For Shopping Intentionally

3 Tips For Shopping Intentionally

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Hi, friends! Today we’re chatting about three tips for shopping intentionally to help us avoid mindlessly depleting our bank accounts and creating mental + physical clutter in our lives. Big sigh of relief, right? Buying fewer, better things allows us to live simply and give generously, and there’s so much freedom in that. We’re integrating intentionality into our lives by using these three simple questions that, with a little tweaking, can be applied to almost any decision or purchase: 1. Is it true? 2. Is it necessary? 3. Is it kind?

You may have seen these questions used to practice intentionality with our words, but here’s how we’re modifying them to curb our shopping habits as well:

1. Is it true?

We use this question to evaluate the quality of the item: are those shoes well-made or will the soles peel off by the end of the season? can that sofa/coffee table/rug withstand years of wear and tear? Quality always trumps quantity and we think it’s totally worth it to splurge on that one perfect knit than have seven misshapen, pilling sweaters in your closet.

2. Is it necessary?

Necessity can be subjective, but we really ask ourselves whether an item is vital for improving the quality of our lives. Yes, great quality yoga pants are necessary for bringing me back to my mat, but do I really need to spend $XXX on a pair of stretchy pants? Perhaps not.

3. Is it kind (helpful)?

We’re all about purchases that will gather friends + family in your home or allow you to bless someone in need. Sure, we’ll consider an outdoor grill because we’d love to throw barbecues this summer, or yes, let’s bring them flowers and a meal. Working generosity into our spending habits allows us to touch the lives of people we love. Because really, the beauty of life is in the sharing.

Trust us, we’re still working on fighting the urge to grab all the things on the sale rack, but pursuing intentionality is so important for improving the quality of our individual lives and for the world at large. Every decision we make holds reverberating ramifications, some sizeable and others subtle, and we want each one to count for the better. Join us?
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