• From My Hands to Yours: The Art of a Handwritten Note

From My Hands to Yours: The Art of a Handwritten Note

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The amazing reality that an entire industry thrives on the art of a handwritten letter - social stationery, greeting cards, and the like - is even more amazing when considering the overwhelming number of tools we have for getting a message to a friend nowadays: we can send emails and snapchats and text messages (embellished with emojis, of course), write a message on each other’s virtual walls, tweet one another, perhaps send a “DM”...the list of ways to reach our friends right on our devices is endless.


The art of a handwritten note is timeless and beautiful and we want to help keep it alive because it matters. No gift is complete without an envelope tucked under the ribbon, no wedding conclusive without the customary thank you notes that follow. We love these moments not for nostalgia’s sake, but for relationships’ sake - the way a handwritten note presses us to slow down for the ones we love. 

A few things to consider if you're thinking about making letter writing part of your rhythm:

  1. Walk into your local stationery shop and take some time to peruse the aisles for the perfect sentiment that captures exactly what you want to say. Find one that makes you laugh or cry or both!

  2. Give yourself a few minutes to sit, reflect on your special person, and ponder what you’d like to say. Some variation of, thank you so much? so sorry for all you’re going through and wish I could be there? Or maybe sending love and hugs on your birthday, friend.  

  3. Use this opportunity to write something meaningful and to be a little vulnerable off the record. Without the pressure of an instantaneous reply, you can take a little more time to carefully articulate what you mean. A handwritten note is nothing if not heartfelt :)

  4. Embrace the small hassle of dropping off said card for someone else’s joy. We're not talking clicking to send a package via Amazon, but physically mailing something with the anticipation of making someone’s day. It's so worth it!

With so many instantaneous platforms for connecting with friends around the world, and with so many bells and whistles (attach a link, a photo! Maybe a video instead? ooh, a funny filter! bitmojis! don’t forget hashtags), it might almost seem silly to send someone a physical card via post. Even backwards, maybe. Snail mail is cumbersome and expensive - we must head to the store, pick out a card, sit down with a pen, purchase postage, drop off the card at a pickup location, and wait a few days (not milliseconds?) for the thing to arrive. No links, no emojis - unless you draw them yourself! - and the only way to add a photo is to get them printed, but who does that anymore?


Millions of people still happily go through the “trouble” on a daily basis because there’s something so inexplicably beautiful about sending a card in the mail, and even more so in a time when the world is zipping around us at lightspeed and we exchange thousands of emails + texts on the daily. Before the inbox was the mailbox (you know, that box on a stick with the little red flag sitting in front of our homes) and having a lovely piece of personalized mail appear in that little contraption seems so darn special. From their hands to yours. No silly filter or number of perfectly placed emojis can ever manufacture the feeling you get from receiving a handwritten card and we kinda love that.
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