• Pesto, Rosie the Riveter, & Ceramics

Pesto, Rosie the Riveter, & Ceramics


Happy Friday, everyone! 
We hope you’ve had a full and fruitful week :)

Currently: Feeling so grateful that things always fall into place at just the right time. We’ve had so many moments of perfect provision this week and there’s so much peace in knowing that we’re not ultimately in control.  
This week, we’re…

  • Feasting on all kinds of pesto. It’s the perfect sauce for Spring fare: toss it with pasta, drizzle it over meat or roasted potatoes, or spread it on pizza or toast. This article by Bon Appétit is giving us so much inspiration for making pesto using all kinds of unexpected greens (carrot tops!). It’s also a delicious way to bring some green to the table on St. Patty’s Day, which is right around the bend!

  • Reflecting on the real Rosie Riveters of the 1940’s in light of International Women’s Day this past Tuesday. How incredible are these photos of women working in factories during WWII? It’s amazing to think that just 75 years ago, these strong women were forging the path for all of posterity - and with perms and red lipstick to boot.

  • Inspired by ceramics, we can never get enough. Especially when they’re so beautifully crafted with the attention to detail that artist Emily Reinhardt incorporates into her designs at The Object Enthusiast. We could fill our homes with every single piece. You, too?

As always, we hope your weekend is spent doing your favorite things with your favorite people.

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