• A Leopard Snafu

A Leopard Snafu

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You might have noticed that a certain spotted gal has been missing from our phone case collection, despite making a few appearances on Instagram in the months leading up to our phone case release. Our leopard print is one of our favorite and most popular patterns: she entered the world with a bang as wrapping paper last spring, reinvented herself as a note card for Zoe Report’s Box of Style this past winter, and is currently in the works for her phone case debut!

The original plan was, of course, to have the leopard iPhone 6/6+ case available at the start of the year along with all of our other designs, but a couple manufacturing hiccups prompted us to wait until every detail was just right before sending her into your hands. Before our phone case release, we cycled through several meticulous rounds of samples with our manufacturing partners to approve the color and quality of each case. It was long process, but we took our time so that our first of many gift products would be done just right.

Now that things are 90% sorted out and we’re well on our way to making our leopard cases available (soon!), we’re so glad we chose to wait until they’re products we’d want you all to have. This “phone case situation,” as it’s (not so) fondly referred to, has been the largest hiccup we’ve faced so far, but we’ve gathered a few valuable pearls from it:

1. Patience pays. We were torn because we wanted to deliver to our customers who had been so excited for these, but ultimately we knew it was more important to stay true to our brand and make sure every product we package + send is as perfect as possible. So we decided to wait until we could make that happen.

2. Integrity matters. At the end of the day, our customers may not have noticed the tiny flaws, but we did. And that was enough reason to absorb the cost and make sure we execute every product to the best of our ability.

3. Don’t make mountains out of molehills. Detours suck, there’s no question about it. Yes, we were disappointed that we weren’t able to release these on schedule, but we’re learning not to let these snafus get the best of us because mistakes will always happen, in life and in business.

The great news is that our leopard cases are on their way! Stay tuned here and on Instagram for updates :) We so appreciate your patience!


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