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We can hardly wrap our minds around the fact that almost an entire year has gone (flown) by since we made our NSS debut last year! It’s been a crazy, wonderful past ten months and we’re so excited to see what changes lie on the other side of NSS 2016. We’ve chatted before about preparing for the aftermath of the show, but today we’re sharing specifically about our biggest considerations when shopping for a studio space. If you’re in a stage of your company where you’re considering moving into a space for the first time, these tips are for you, friend!

Separating your home and work life might be the saving grace to your business and your sanity, especially if you’re experiencing lots of negative pressure from running your business from home (i.e. lack of separation between home/work life, organizational issues, burdening family members, or difficulty shutting off from work). Moving into a work space is a huge step mentally and financially, but we wholeheartedly believe it was one of the best decisions for our business. It's facilitated productivity in the workplace, provided a clear delineation between our work and personal lives, and allowed us to build a vibrant, fully-functioning team.

Our top five considerations when shopping for a workspace:

1. Location: are you willing to spend a little more per square footage to be near or in an industry hub? We love that our studio space is nestled in DTLA’s arts district and that we’re among other really amazing creatives. We initially considered a larger space in a more remote area, but ultimately decided that it was important to be in a location that inspired us.

2. Commute: Living in LA means traffic is a huge consideration when choosing a location. Pat and her hubby currently call downtown LA home and the 5-minute commute (!) was a huge pull factor in ultimately choosing our studio location. A reasonable commute adds so much to your quality of life and allows you to maximize time spent with family and friends.

3. Functionality: Will a studio space suffice in your stage of business or do you need multiple rooms to house all the different facets of your company? Last year, a studio was more than enough for us, but after a year of growth and change, we know that a space with multiple rooms is ideal - even necessary - this time around. As the company has diversified, we’re more aware of the physical needs of each department.

4. Storage: Because we hold all of our inventory and fulfill every order in house, having a space that allows for generous storage is absolutely key for us. Considering your storage solutions (shelving? cabinets? how many?) and how you’ll manage inventory/fulfill orders is crucial when choosing a space for your business.

5. Lighting: Pat does all her painting and editing in the studio, so natural lighting is absolutely essential. Having a space with ample light was the biggest non-negotiable for us as we shopped around last year. We’re so glad we made this a priority! The lighting in the studio also allows for great photo shoots, which is so important in a visual industry like ours. We also catch some pretty amazing sunsets from where we stand, which is a welcome bonus :)

We’re starting to prepare for Our Heiday’s second move later this summer so we’ll be sure to keep you updated with all the changes! 

Studio photos by Lily Glass
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