• Smoked Salmon Sammies, A Zika Virus Vaccine, & Textiles

Smoked Salmon Sammies, A Zika Virus Vaccine, & Textiles


Happy Friday, all! We hope that you’ve had an amazing start to March. We’re still a couple weeks away from Spring Equinox, but March 1st always feels like the unofficial start to the season!

Currently: Feeling extra thankful for the gift of health and our amazing team as Pat unexpectedly ended up in the hospital this week due to some complications with her blood condition (more about that here and part II to follow soon). Thankfully, Pat’s doing well and the baby is perfectly healthy, blissfully oblivious in her little sac :) We’re so grateful we’re given the grace we need for every situation and that Our Heiday is equipped with a team that can hold down the fort so our leading lady can rest easy.
This week, we’re…

image via The Kitchn
  • Feasting on these Crème Fraîche Scrambled Egg & Smoked Salmon Sandwiches by The Kitchn. The photo speaks for itself (oh, the custardy eggs! the perfectly toasty English muffin! the pillowy dollop of crème fraîche!). We’d like this on repeat all weekend, please - breakfast, lunch, or dinner. PS. You can easily swap the crème fraîche for sour cream in a pinch!

  • Reflecting on the imminent Zika virus vaccine, which will be ready for human testing by late Summer/early Fall! With all the despair surrounding the recent outbreak of the virus and linked surge of microcephaly cases, this news is a welcome relief. So grateful for science and how swiftly it mobilizes around public health emergencies.

  • Inspired by textiles. Our goal at the right point in time is to delve into textiles and interiors, so seeing the different directions a good set of patterns can take always makes the heart happy. Currently inspired by Melbourne-based designer Cassie Byrnes and the collection she released earlier this year, Gondwanaland, for her label, Variety Hour. The color palette is so good.

all Gondwanaland images via here

We hope your weekend fills you up!


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