• Avgolemono, Adele & Pastels

Avgolemono, Adele & Pastels


Happy Friday, friends! The final weekend of February is already upon us (how?) and we hope yours is looking fantastic :)

Currently: Continuing to gear up for Spring and NSS this may! Have you seen the peeks of Patricia's single stem series on Instagram?? We can't wait to reveal the rest! 

This week, we're...

  • Feasting on Avgolemono, the loveliest Greek chicken soup with a creamy, lemony broth. Chicken soup is not typically super high on our must-eat list (it tends to remind us of mushy noodles out of a can - no thank you!), but Avgolemono is on a whole different level. The addition of lemon juice makes the entire soup fresh and slightly zippy, and the egg whisked into the broth offers the perfect fluffy consistency. We made ours with homemade chicken broth and left the veggies in for some extra goodness!  
  • Reflecting on BBC’s feature on Adele, whom we (like the rest of the world) adore. Her authenticity and non-gimmicky career are such a breath of fresh air in this culture of celebritism.  We love that there are no crazy public antics or autotune behind her incredible success.
  • Inspired by pastels. Maybe because March is inching its way over and Spring is about to spring. Or maybe because they’re gorg always, but pastels have gotten a hold of us lately. We love the way the slightest changes in tinge can make an entire palette. Set them against some nude tones and a splash of black - golden.

Have a wonderful weekend! 

Golden ratio here | Paint blobs here | Pastel Wall here

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