• Chat with Pat: Pregnancy Pt. 1

Chat with Pat: Pregnancy Pt. 1

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Hi! If you've been following along with us on the blog or Instagram, you've probably gathered that our girl boss, founder + creative director, Patricia is pregnant with a little girl! Look at that pregnancy glow (insert heart-eyed emoji here).Today we're sitting down with her to chat about the journey so far (5 months!) and hearing her thoughts on the highs and lows of pregnancy, both mentally and physically, and her heart on navigating the mom/work balance. We love her perspective on this last part most of all and hope it encourages any of you working mamas or mamas-to-be! Thanks for sharing so honestly, Pat :)

Q: What’s been the best/most enjoyable part about being pregnant so far?

I love seeing her grow! We’re so fortunate to have an OB who gives us regular ultrasounds and seeing the changes month to month has been so exhilarating. When I passed our 4 month mark, I started feeling her move, which has also been something to look forward to everyday.

Q: Has there been anything really difficult?

There have been a few times where I’ve fought extreme fatigue - it’s really like walking through molasses - and that’s been difficult because as a business owner and creative, there’s always so much that I want to get done.  I also have a condition called ITP, which basically is a fancy pants way of saying that my body fights off platelets for some unexplained reason. I was diagnosed before my pregnancy and it never affected my day to day, but because of all these changes the body goes through during pregnancy, my platelet count plummeted to danger zone; a normal count is somewhere between 150-450,000 platelets and I was at 17,000! I also became anemic and now I’m being treated for both conditions, which has really improved my overall mental clarity.

Q: Any funny or strange cravings?

I was looking forward to cravings so much before pregnancy because of all the interesting stories that people shared with me, but I actually had the opposite problem during my first trimester - major food aversions. I couldn’t eat meat for a 6 week stretch and garlic, black pepper, and onions were out. The few times I had serious cravings during those first few months, they were one-time deals, and were foods that I hadn’t reached for since childhood. There was a night where I woke up at 4 am and couldn’t get the thought of tuna & relish on crackers out of my mind so I went to the local market and indulged myself. Another time, I insisted that my husband bring home two McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish. Never again did (or probably will) I want those things again. Most recently, I cannot get enough of Ethiopian food! There’s this amazing little family-owned restaurant called Awash, which I discovered in law school, and there have been times where I’ve trekked over twice a week.

Q: Have there been any major challenges to running the company while being pregnant? How have you dealt with those challenges?
The biggest challenge was the fatigue in the beginning, but I’m finding that with my current ITP treatment, it’s become so much more manageable. I’ve been blessed with an amazing team who can keep the studio running on mornings where I need to take things slowly. Now that I’m almost in my third trimester, most of the typical pregnancy symptoms have dissipated, but I’m learning that listening to your body is so important, especially while a little one is growing. Things will get done when they get done and nothing is as urgent as it seems. It’s a hard truth when we’re in such a rapid growth phase, this need to slow down. I’ve found peace in knowing that I’ve been given this incredible gift to experience at this particular juncture of my life and I want to enjoy every moment. My life is not my brand, it’s what I do with the tiny moments, how I spend my quiet.

Q: Can you share some of your thoughts on the modern working mom? How do you think becoming a mother will shape your career (and vice versa)?
I feel so empowered by seeing all the other working moms, especially now that I’m preparing to become one myself. Whether you’re an executive, creative, teacher, janitor, whatever it is, being a woman with a career or job makes you super, beyond beyond. I don’t doubt that we have been equipped with this supernatural ability to give of ourselves, arms wide open. It’s weaved into our fabric. For me, this looks like my ability to give of myself to my faith, my husband, our daughter, our family, Our Heiday, our community, collectively. And my prayer is that I teach our daughter that she is our priority, but that having a career is also so important in how we shape the tiny part of the world we’ve been given. This isn’t to say that every woman has to pursue a career, but there’s always purpose behind the work that we do. For some women, this means working at home and for others it means being at a desk. Either way, to work with our hands, is a gift I hope I never take for granted.
In a more countercultural way, I  hope that I can push back against this facade that we can have it all. The realities for most women is that we can’t. There are always compromises and sacrifices, and I want to be so aware of the ones that I’m making. I know I’ll find so much inspiration in seeing her grow, witnessing the little miracles everyday. Practically speaking, being a mom who also loves her career, I need to be able to draw clear boundaries - home time is home time. Daughter time is daughter time. No interruptions. And from those dedicated moments with her, I’m certain that there will be a constant kindling of organic inspiration that will impact Our Heiday.
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  • Apr 29 2016

    Love this! Especially your ability to recognize the quiet moments is where inspiration hits, and your countercultural hopes not to have it all in the effort to be present and more fully have it all.

    — marilynn lerum

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