• Broccoli Ricotta Pasta, Skid Row, & Packaging

Broccoli Ricotta Pasta, Skid Row, & Packaging


The weekend is here, friends! Is it just us, or do Fridays leave you with that serious inner conflict of either staying cozy in your PJ's all evening or putting on some lipstick for a little date night or GNO?? decisions, decisions...
Currently: Trying to keep up with this crazy LA weather and working on so many fun products we're releasing this year. Stay tuned! 

This week, we’re…

  • Feasting on this Broccoli Ricotta Pasta (quite literally all week!) because it’s so simple and delicious. We promise we're not being dramatic at all when we say that the combination of slightly crisp broccoli, lemon, and creamy ricotta cheese is otherworldly! We’re loving it because it’s such a great way to get out of that steamed broccoli rut and you can throw it together in ten minutes flat.

  • Reflecting on Senior Officer Deon Joseph’s calling to serve, protect, and empower thousands of homeless people living in DTLA’s skid row. We’re so amazed by his 18-year commitment to one of the roughest neighborhoods in the nation and in awe of his strength and resolve. 

    Officer Joseph says, “I don't care if I'm talking to the President. If someone out [on Skid Row] is talking to me, I have to respond because they have been ignored by society for too long. That won’t be me.”

    We’re so humbled by this.
  • Inspired by packaging because we think it’s so important. Details details! Our current favorites are a mix of of great type, hand lettering, and bold illustrations. We’ll take the entire batch and fill our homes. Keep up with all of our inspiration by following along on Pinterest!

Whether you're in PJ's or heels tonight, we hope your weekend finds you rested, filled up, and surrounded by people you love :)

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