• 10 Ways to Show Him You Love Him

10 Ways to Show Him You Love Him

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With Valentine's Day around the corner, we're sharing ten simple ways to show your guy how much you love him!

  1. Tell him he’s really great at the specific things he’s great at.
  2. Grill him this steak with garlic butter with these potatoes.
  3. Encourage him to spend the day with his friends for some quality guy time.
  4. Pack a delicious picnic and take him on a hike or outdoor show.
  5. Set aside a little money each month to splurge on something he loves - tickets to a sports event, great seats at concert, rezzies for a five-star restaurant, a tech gadget, etc.
  6. Buy him these boots.
  7. ...or the perfect weekender duffel.
  8. Give him an uninterrupted afternoon to play sports, catch up on a good book, play some videogames, work on his car - something he never quite has time for.
  9. Custom make a 6-pack of craft beers.
  10. Tuck a sweet note into his wallet or pocket for a midday pick-me-up.

How are you celebrating Valentine’s Day this year? We’d love to know :)
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