• 10 Tips for Customer Service

10 Tips for Customer Service

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We’re so thankful for our customers because they’re amazing and supportive and, really, where would we be without them?? Pat
brought on a team for lots of reasons, but a major one was to make sure all of our customers were taken care of and that no email or inquiry got lost in the shuffle. Customer service will always be a non-negotiable for us, so today we’re sharing 10 tips that we try to stand by!

  1. Strive to serve. Consider + accommodate customers' needs as best we can.

  2. Be timely. When possible, we try to respond to emails within 48 hours to respect people's time.

  3. Be kind. Thankfully, most of the emails we receive are great so we're rarely in situations where it's difficult to be.

  4. Give the benefit of the doubt. People make mistakes and we totally get that.

  5. Be professional. Take that extra minute to proofread your emails - it matters!

  6. Do a little leg work for them. "We're so sorry we don't carry those, but have you tried __________?"

  7. Express your gratitude. We're so thankful and we like to say so :)

  8. Apologize when necessary. We absolutely make mistakes and think it's important to say we're so sorry when we do.

  9. Be sincere. Genuinely so.

  10. *Always respond!

*This one might seem really tough if your inbox is inundated with inquiries, but we really believe that every email deserves acknowledgement, even if it's only to say, "no thank you, but we're so appreciative you'd think of us. "We're honestly so grateful people stop by (to say hello, ask a question, offer their skills) and never want to give the impression that we're too busy to send back a simple hi, there :) or thank you so much. 

If you're trying to create a culture that values service, we hope these tips are helpful as you tackle those emails! 
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