• The Week in (Pre)view

The Week in (Pre)view

Real Talk

Here's to hoping…

That your Monday mornings are full of possibility.
That the M-F grind is just as awesome as the weekends.
That Friday afternoons don’t feel like an escape route.
That your Saturdays are reserved for your favorite people, and Sundays for all the R&R.
And that the weekend replenishes you to take on the week ahead.

But, we totally get that life happens and our circumstances don’t always afford us the luxury of smooth sailing. If your week looks a little more like...

Stumbling through Monday one cup of coffee at a time,
Treading through your work week, keeping your head just above water,
Grasping for Friday afternoon like it's a lifeline,
Spending Saturday pulling an extra shift + running a thousand errands,
Burying your head in the pillow as Sunday dissolves into Smonday,
And hoping your weekend were just a little bit longer

We’re wishing you lots of peace, joy in the in-between moments, and the grace we need for each day. Happiest Monday, friends :)

Above photo by the amazing Lily Glass!
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