• It's A Sister Act!

It's A Sister Act!

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Hi, friends! Donna here chatting a little bit about the (many) highs and (few) lows of working with family and how Pat and I navigate our personal and professional relationship. A little background: about a year after Pat launched the shop, I helped her run her booth at the National Stationery Show, blissfully unaware that I would become completely smitten by this creative industry and leave the classroom to hop on the Our Heiday train! Sometimes I laugh when I think about how our poor parents have had both daughters leave our more traditional paths (Pat, law school; me, teaching) to run this company, but we’d always imagined working together in some capacity, so it actually feels like life’s most natural progression.

There are few blessings better than having your sister by your side when running a business, especially when you’re as close as we are. Being able to fully trust each other’s motives, intentions, and actions without second thought offers the best kind of solidarity. Because we’ve grown up together and know one another to the core, our working relationship is genuinely organic: no pretenses, frills, or fluff. 

That’s not to say working together is not without its challenges. Because we’re so close, it’s easy to make unfair assumptions about each other or speak without thinking. Thankfully, the best things about our natural best-friendship translate pretty seamlessly into our working relationship, but we’ve found there must be a level of intentionality in order to keep things this way. Now that working side-by-side has become our daily reality (well, kind of until I move back to LA!), we're learning to navigate the delicate balance of mixing work and family. Things like remembering we're sisters first, no exceptions. Being slow to speak and quick to listen. Showing grace upon grace. Not taking ourselves too seriously and really being present to soak in this amazing season. 

We don’t do these things perfectly, not by a long shot, but they’ve kept us grounded in the things that really matter. Putting our sister relationship first is our priority always, the place we land when work has caused us to be short or unkind - we remind ourselves that no job in the world is worth our real relationship and that kind of shifts everything into perspective :)

Tiny us, circa 1993.

Studio photos by the sweet and amazing Lily Glass!
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  • Mar 30 2016

    this is TOO cute. Love you, Donna! You’re a great blogger ;)

    — Amy

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