• Roasted Veggies, Serial Season 2, & Type

Roasted Veggies, Serial Season 2, & Type

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Happy Friday, friends! We’re officially a week into 2016 and still riding on that New Year's high. Our beloved California sunshine is back this morning and there’s a crispness in the air from all that rain we’ve had the past few days - a physical reminder of the freshness that comes with a new year. Hope the first few days of the year have brought new beginnings for you!

Currently: Any chance of easing into 2016 has quickly proved impossible, but a new year = new goals so what better way to start the year than to hit the ground running? Our operations girl was back in the studio with us for a few weeks and we’ve loved the cohesiveness that physical togetherness brings. 

This week, we're...

  • Feasting on this roasted vegetable salad from Martha Stewart. We’re just as intent on bringing more wholeness and health in the new year as the next person is, but juice cleanses aren’t quite our thing. Give us all the veggies and all the sweaty yoga sessions, but we typically prefer something hearty to chew on and this roasted vegetable salad is the perfect thing. It’s a fresh, healthy meal to do a body good and so comforting for the bitterly cold days ahead (don’t laugh that we think 60’s are freezing!).
  • Reflecting on Season 2 of the Serial Podcast. Four episodes in, Season 2 doesn’t have us on the edge of our seats quite like Season 1 did, but we’re definitely intrigued and minds are reeling with questions: What really compelled Bowe to walk off his post? Were 5 brutal years of being held captive by the Taliban punishment enough or does he deserve more time behind bars?

    We love podcasts for keeping us entertained through long stretches of packaging. Any podcasts you’d like to recommend? :)

  • Inspired by great type - when words are involved, our designs are all hand lettered, but that doesn’t stop us from taking a moment when good type comes our way. There’s something so beautiful about the way the curves and lines interact with each other. A huge fan of these!

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We hope your weekend allows you time for tackling New Year's resolutions and space for nourishing yourself and the people around you.

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