• We're Talking Investments. But Not The Financial Kind.

We're Talking Investments. But Not The Financial Kind.

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One of the things that makes working in a small creative start-up so interesting is that the needs of our company are constantly evolving and there’s quite a bit of fluidity in our day-to-day/week-to-week roles. Of course, there are always the daily things that must be done, like packaging orders and responding to emails, but new opportunities often require us to shift things around and take on responsibilities outside of our official job descriptions (if we even have those!).

With a team this small and a company so young, all hands are on deck to lay the groundwork for the longevity of Our Heiday. We’re not sitting inside our individual cubicles minding our own business, that’s for sure! While we do have a few set “departments” that handle different facets of the company - creative, production, daily operations, accounts, etc. - our roles aren’t static and there’s quite a bit of horizontal mobility.

With that said, we do everything we can to maintain clear expectations to avoid overstepping any boundaries: there are few things more frustrating in the workplace than being asked to be “flexible” only to find that your job consists of making coffee runs and putting coins in the meter for your boss’ BMW. Thanks, but no thanks.

While our workflow is definitely variable, we’ve found that small business success is far less about flexibility as it is about mutual investment - and we don’t mean financially! We’re talking about intentionally cultivating our team and creating space for each person to actively and uniquely contribute to the company’s success, which in turn invites them to feel personally invested in Our Heiday’s vision. Prioritizing flexibility might let you get away with having your team run to Starbucks for you, but investing in them means they’re in it to win it.

Everyone has so much to bring to the table based on their natural strengths, personal experiences, and individual perspectives. We aren’t just fungible parts of a machine, ready to be interchanged with Person X of the same qualifications. There are so many valuable nuances about each of us - an ineffable je-ne-sais-quoi - that when we’re at our best, we can’t easily be replaced. And the magic that happens when you harness the company’s gaps and people’s unique aptitudes to overlap? It’s the ultimate win-win.

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