• Mom, Dad, & Congratulations 2016

Mom, Dad, & Congratulations 2016

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We realize it’s December and we haven’t even gotten through Christmas yet, so unless you're in the business of merchandising stationery and/or just really like to plan six months in advance, you might not be itching to buy anything from our newest release of cards quite yet. But we’re 1) pretty thrilled with our 2016 Mom, Dad, and Congratulations cards, 2) surprised at how often we find ourselves scrambling for the perfect card for Mom, and 3) convinced that there are moments to celebrate year round! Weddings, engagements, babies, adoptions, baptisms, new jobs, new homes, promotions, publications...need we say more?? Give us all the milestones and all the bubbly!

Do you also have memories of your mom herding everyone into the car "5 minutes early" (i.e. late) to swing by the nearest Rite Aid to pick up a card on the way to your grandma's birthday? And then scribbling a wobbly sentence over the arm rest at every red light? Even the tamest cards were a little gaudy and no matter how careful you were, you somehow ended up with tiny, impossibly stubborn pieces of glitter all over your face.

Or was that just us?

Luckily, gone are the days of glitter and last-minute drugstore runs - at least when it comes to cards. Fortunately, the same doesn't apply to Thrifty ice cream or Maybelline Full 'n Soft mascara. These are in another category we like to call necessities :)

We keep a stack of our Mom and Dad cards to grab year-round, which is especially helpful because it seems like the occasions to celebrate our parents multiply as we get older! With maturity comes an increased gratitude for them (and the wherewithal to properly express it), and with marriage, in-laws, so we find ourselves celebrating Mom and Dad throughout the year. Thankfully, many of these designs also double as birthday cards or even parents-of-the-bride/groom cards on top of their obvious Mother’s Day and Father’s Day appeal, so they're perfect in a pinch. 

We can't forget our amazing dads!

All the mamas get a lot of the fanfare during these months (and rightfully so), but we see all of you awesome dads who wear just as many hats on rotation and we salute you!

Take our word for it! Keeping a stack of these Mom, Dad, and congratulatory cards will save you time, stress, and drugstore stops aplenty. Unless you need a scoop of Rocky Road pronto, in which case, by all means!

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