• Sweet Potato Hash, Heaven, & Klara Persson

Sweet Potato Hash, Heaven, & Klara Persson


Happiest Friday, friends! Can you believe we’ve hit mid-November already?

Currently: Our Heiday studio is filled to the brim with inventory and we’re feeling a little bit like Santa’s elves in full-blown holiday production mode. We’re in a flurry of folding, packaging, counting, (repeat) and feeling so thankful, as always, to be sending goodies to you near and far!

This week we’re…

  • Feasting on The Kitchn's hearty sweet potato hash with sausage and baked eggs - the perfect meal to whip together for breakfast, lunch, or dinner as the heat finally gives way to fall. We’re serving ours with avocado slices, feta cheese, and a little crusty bread on the side.

  • Reflecting on 5-year-old Julianna Snow’s decision to choose heaven over the hospital as she battles a severe case of Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease, an incurable neurodegenerative illness. She’s decided that when the time comes, she’d like to skip the hospital and go home to heaven instead. While we’re heartbroken for Julianna and her family, this little lady’s bright light keeps us from dwelling in that place. Her mother, Michelle, shares several conversations she’s had with Julianna, and her profound, hope-filled responses take our breath away.
J: Mom, can you tell me about the angels?

M: What about them?

J: Will the angels take me to heaven?

M: Yes, I think so.

J: Why does God send angels?

M: I think He sends them so we’re not scared. Did you know God loves you even more than Daddy and me? You know how we said you’ll never be alone? God is the same way — you will not be alone, and you will not be scared. I know this is true.

J: Will you miss me?

M: Yes. I will miss you so much. I’ll be really sad. But I’ll come join you one day.

J: Will I die in heaven?

M: No, we only die once. We get to live in heaven forever.

J: Good. I won’t die in heaven. When you die, will I come to get you?

M: I don’t really know how it works, Julianna. But I think you will be the first person I see when I get to heaven. And I’ll be so happy.

J: Do you want me to stand in front of the house, and in front of all the people so you can see me first?

M: Yes. I’ll be so happy to see you.

J: Will you run to me?

M: Yes. And I think you will run to me too.

J: I’ll run fast! (then she shook her head back and forth to show me how fast she will run).

M: Yes, I think you will run so fast.
You can read more about Julianna’s story here, here, and on her mom’s blog here.

  • Inspired by the whimsical, modern-day, Matisse-like work of Klara Persson. We love her palettes and use of unrefined lines and together they transport us back to the books of our childhood.

images via Tumblr and Flickr

Hoping your weekend is laced with outdoor strolls, midday naps, and lots of life-giving conversation over wine and great company :)

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