• Gratitude + An Exciting Announcement!

Gratitude + An Exciting Announcement!

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We're just hours away from starting our Thanksgiving weekend and we're reflecting on finding gratitude in seemingly thankless places. It's been one amazing year and we don't want to let those nagging complaints get the best of us, especially when we have this much to be grateful for. Read along for our thoughts on thankfulness and stay tuned 'til the end for a very exciting announcement! 

We at Our Heiday are thankful...

  • For navigating LA traffic daily because it means we get to work in this city we love.

  • For the piles of boxes covering our studio floor because it means our products are making their way to shops and friends near and far.

  • For the lack of parking spots on our block because it means that the DTLA Arts District is revitalizing.

  • For the comically high commercial Wi-Fi bill because it means we’re no longer working out of a home.

  • For the dust that collects on our windowsill because it means we have a view of Los Angeles.

  • For 3 am emails from different time zones because it means that Our Heiday is traveling to places around the world.

  • For tired hands from packaging because it means we’ve had orders to fulfill.

  • For pressing deadlines because it means we have goals to meet and partnerships to honor.

  • For constant bills to pay because it means our business is running and our employees taken care of.

  • For that 5pm fatigue because it means we’ve worked hard at a job we love.

  • For hiccups in our plans because it teaches us to be patient and to trust that all things are being worked together for our good.

    And finally...

  • For Patricia's recent bouts of nausea, tardiness, and absent-mindedness because it means there's a little bun in the oven!!! So many congratulations and the biggest hugs for our amazing Founder & Creative Director, Pat, and her wonderful husband, Clarence, on the littlest addition to their family! We can’t wait to meet you, Pip!! (Person-in-Progress, haha!)


Happy Thanksgiving, friends! We hope the holiday weekend finds you warm, well-fed, and surrounded by loved ones :)

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  • Dec 02 2015

    Congratulations Patricia! That’s awesome news!!

    — Kiara Orange

  • Nov 26 2015

    Hooray! What exciting news! Congrats on the little one Patricia. :)

    — alisha

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